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Adam Shaffer - Business Grad

Adam ShafferGoing to a church with a high population of Geneva College graduates can be influential on your college decision. This was true for Pittsburgh native Adam Shaffer.

He first heard about Geneva College through the members of his church who shared fond memories and positive experiences from when they were students. He also wanted a college education that put faith in Christ at the center of everything, and appreciated the college’s strong commitment to the Reformed Christian tradition. “The fact that Geneva was reformed was a major selling point for me,” he says.

Due to his strong passion for games and computer entertainment, Adam started out as a computer science major but quickly realized that wasn't the route he wanted to take. He instead decided to declare a business major with a concentration in marketing because he felt that he possessed the public speaking skills to do marketing well. He was also able to add a music minor his sophomore year — “just for fun.”

Adam’s change of major wasn't completely random. He and his brother ran a grass-cutting business all the way through high school. “That was sort of my foray into business,” says Adam. “We had about thirty customers — that was how we made our spending money.”

But Adam’s pipe dream of working in the video game industry didn't die. He plans on applying his business degree to the industry by going into the marketing side of things. “The video game industry is a huge industry — something most people don't realize. It’s pretty recession-proof.”

Adam really values the Christian perspective on business he is receiving at Geneva. “It’s something I am very passionate about,” says Adam. “The video game industry is very secularized and I think there is room for Christian development in the industry.”

Despite his full course load, Adam has also managed to make time for the Genevans, the student choir of Geneva College, and New Song, Geneva’s music and drama ministry. Adam has sung tenor in the Genevans since his freshmen year and in New Song since his sophomore year. He plans to continue both until he graduates. “I was really involved in theater and music in my high school so it was something that came naturally to me,” he says.

Both the Genevans and New Song are touring groups, which means Adam does lot of traveling throughout the year. During his first two years at Geneva, Adam has already gone on two tours of the East Coast with The Genevans and a tour of Eastern Canada and the United States with New Song.

“The thing about going on tour with New Song is that it is such a small group and you are essentially living out of a van,” says Adam. “It really gives you a sense of individuality. You become a part of something where everyone has a specific function in the group. And when else do you get a chance to travel like that?”

- by Rima Warren ’09

After graduating in May 2011, Adam got a job with the Pittsburgh Fellows Program that is run by St. Stephen's Church in Sewickley, PA. Through the program, he works with different organizations in the Pittsburgh area while taking master’s classes on business ethics and organizational leadership. In addition, Adam works as a marketing researcher at Trib Total Media’s North Side branch in downtown Pittsburgh.

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