Geneva College

Alyssa Kachnycz - Communication Disorders

"Being busy with your studies doesn′t mean that you can′t do other things," says communication disorders major Alyssa Kachnycz. And she knows what she′s talking about. Since her freshmen year at Geneva, Alyssa has been involved in Young Life, a ministry that mentors kids and seeks to show them God′s love. She currently serves in Young Life at Riverside High School.

The organization holds club meetings, similar to a church youth group-"I would describe it as a party with a purpose"-which attracts teenagers who normally would not venture into a church. "Our goal through Young Life is to introduce high school teenagers to Christ," says Alyssa.

However, the teens are not the only ones who benefit. Alyssa′s involvement has helped her connect her faith with her everyday life. "I realize my call as a Christian is to share the Gospel through everything that I do," she says.

Alyssa has possessed a heart for working with kids for years. For a while, she thought that she wanted to be an elementary school teacher. But her goals changed while living at her home in Oxford, Pennsylvania, after she got to know a neighbor boy with a speech disability. She became interested in speech pathology, feeling that it is a good outlet for natural empathy toward others.

As she started her college search, Alyssa knew that she wanted to attend a Christian college with a communication disorders program. And her visit to Geneva College confirmed this vision. "I thought the people here were so friendly," she remarked. "I could tell that they cared about me personally and that my journey of faith mattered to them."

Adjusting to the move away from home took some time during freshman year, but Alyssa connected quickly to the Geneva community. From her involvement in Young Life to her studies in communication disorders, Alyssa has made the most of her time at Geneva. "I′ve learned more about my gifts since I have been here," she says. "I′ve grown in my faith and how I relate to people."

The future is wide open and Alyssa feels prepared to face it because of her Geneva education. She knows that her studies at Geneva and involvement in Young Life have prepared her to excel in the field of speech pathology.

-Richard Louther ′15