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Gwen Ward - Student Union President

Gwen WardVoted most school spirited in high school, Gwen Ward knew she wanted to immerse herself in everything college had to offer. When she stumbled upon Geneva and discovered all the opportunities available to her, she knew he had found her niche. She is currently a junior and the executive president of Geneva College Student Union.

"I was involved with student government in high school and I saw the GCSU as a great opportunity to get involved with Geneva my freshman year. I love that you can really have an impact on the campus and its policies and improvements. We have worked on the extension of open hours policy, and getting new tables and umbrellas for the courtyard," says Gwen.

Currently, Gwen and the other class representatives are considering the students′ interests and making plans for a busy year. She says, "We have some fun stuff planned for the year and a lot of hopes for Geneva, so we will see what happens!"

Because of Gwen′s passion for student government it′s easy to guess that she planned on coming to Geneva College from the start; however, Geneva was not initially in her plans. She fully intended on enrolling at the University of Maryland, but by some stroke of grace, God put Geneva on her heart and showed her that was where He wanted her to be.

"I′m glad to be here because I have met so many wonderful friends who have helped me grow and who have taught me so much. I know they will be life-long friends," she says. "Geneva is a great place to be."

For Gwen the hardest part about college life is being away from home. "I am from the eastern shore of Maryland which is six hours away from Geneva. Home is definitely the one thing I miss the most. On the other hand, I am comforted by my friends here. I have five amazing roommates and they make college life fun for me. Plus, they keep my mind off of missing home."

Besides being the executive president, missing home, and enjoying everything else college has to offer, Gwen is studying communications, with public relations as her concentration. She loves the small classroom size because it makes her feel that her professors are more than just teachers. They care just as friends care about her well-being.

"I am glad that I have grown so much in the two years I have spent at Geneva. I have grown spiritually as well as relationally. Being in the environment that Geneva provides has allowed me to learn more about my Lord and claim my faith, which I don′t think would be possible at any other college."

- Ji Yun Bae, ‘12

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