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Jennie Jones - Business Grad

Jennie JonesWhile “survival of the fittest” is not a concept likely to be taught in a Bible lecture, it’s a pretty standard one in the business department. Like it or not, even the most ethically upstanding must also be competitive in their field.

Fortunately, Geneva trains its students to be both.

Included in the requirements for all business majors is a class on biblical management and business ethics. Jenni Jones, a recent graduate with a concentration in marketing, lauds Geneva for making faith a focus of the program.

“One of my professors says that it is a high calling to be a Christian in the business world,” Jennie says. “This is so true! In a world that’s concerned with money and accumulation of things, being a Christian in a career that focuses on these things is hard. However, my professors have challenged me to see what really matters – putting God first and people second. Then everything else will fall into place.”

Jones is also grateful for Geneva’s emphasis on experiential learning.

“Textbooks get boring,” she states, “and Geneva cares enough to give you real-life projects to help prepare you for your future job. We have simulations, large projects and other things that allow us to move away from textbooks and dive into real-life situations. The projects inside and outside of class keep things interesting and provide students with great experience when they start job-searching.”

Jennie can attest to the success of these “real-life projects.” One of hers landed her a marketing research analysis internship at Pitt Ohio Express, a large shipping company based in Pittsburgh. There were over 1,000 applicants.

“The person who interviewed me was really impressed because he had never seen a project like mine done by a college student before,” Jennie recalls. “The company I worked for now looks for Geneva students because they know we're hard workers and have real-life experience.”

Geneva did more than simply help Jennie get the job, however. Jennie says that she was able to apply much of the practical information she learned from her business classes to the demanding work she was doing. The internship involved quantitative and qualitative research, designing a new marketing campaign to decrease returns and giving a presentation of her work to the company president, board of directors and entire marketing department.

“They say that you only use about 10 percent of what you learn in college in your actual job,” says Jennie. “I would have to say that I used about 90 percent. Geneva does not waste its time or your money – they teach you things that you need to know to succeed.”

- by Brooke Prokopchak ('08)


Jennie Jones is originally from Bridgeville, Pa. She graduated from Geneva with the highest GPA in the business department on May 12, 2007 and then worked as a senior admissions counselor for Geneva. She would like to obtain an MBA in order to teach and inspire high-school students who are interested in pursuing business and a PhD in order to wear the fancy robe. She hopes to one day open her own wedding-planning business and is determined to go to Australia before her thirtieth birthday.


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