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Jill Hanson - Accounting Grad

Jill HansonIt is unusual for students applying to college during the summer to be on campus the next fall, but when it’s God’s plan, anything can happen. Jill Hanson knows this firsthand. It is only through God’s leading that she ended up at Geneva at all.

Her story begins at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis in her home town, Indianapolis, Indiana. During her freshman year there, Jill began to feel that she should transfer, and eventually decided to look into Purdue University. “I wasn't even considering Geneva, because I wanted to stay away from the ‘ring by spring’ idea,” Jill laughs.

She was in the middle of transferring and had already found an apartment around Purdue, when she discovered that the University would only accept six out of her thirty-three credits. “I thought, ‘What, God?’ because I had been sure that He wanted me to transfer, and here the door was shut.” Although she resigned herself to staying at IUPUI, Jill sent her application to Geneva at the request of her parents.

The day that Jill went to pay the deposit on a lease by IUPUI, she was shocked to discover that the credit card machine was broken. “I couldn't pay for my lease, which meant that I might not have had a place to live around the college. But the very next day, Jenni Jones, an admissions counselor at Geneva, called to tell me I had received a scholarship. I took it that God wanted me here, because He wouldn't let me stay at IUPUI and He had just opened up a way for me to go to Geneva.”

Jill is now a sophomore studying accounting at Geneva. Not once has she regretted transferring. “My family is much further away, and I miss being around them, but I feel like I have ‘surrogate families’ in this area,” says Jill. Other than that, she has been very happy with Geneva. “I've been really blessed by Geneva’s emphasis on faith and the encouragement from other students. I've been stretched at lot, in a good way.”

Looking back, Jill reflects that the transfer process itself was not very difficult. “Geneva accepted all of my credits. Having two different admissions counselors was a little confusing, but they did a wonderful job keeping me informed. The whole department was extremely helpful,” says Jill.

Although she isn't sure yet what she will go into as a career, Jill has several ideas. She might go for her master’s degree or enter straight into the workforce as an auditor. Either way, she feels that Geneva will prepare her, and she really appreciates the professors, particularly business professors Amy Russin and Ralph Ancil. “Professor Ancil is the most brilliant person ever, and I really enjoy professor Russin’s classes; she makes accounting so much fun.”

- by Bonnie Smith ('12)

Jill graduated from Geneva College in May 2010.

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