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Josh Falk - Math Education Grad

Josh Falk"Energy is eternal delight."
-William Blake (1757 - 1827)

Junior Josh Falk needs plenty of energy to keep up with his schedule. Involved in everything from track and field to tutoring, the Geneva College student has a full plate. And that′s not even counting his classes. Josh is studying to become a high school math teacher and says he never wants to settle down to one activity. "I want to show that math is not strictly theoretical and that we use it all that time," he says. After graduation, Josh plans to couple his interest in math with his passion for running by working as a teacher and track coach.

One of Josh′s favorite professors is Dr. Philip Holladay of the math department. "I learned a huge amount from his teaching and from the way he grades and interacts with the students. I think taking his classes will have a large impact on how I teach." Josh also compliments Geneva College′s programs saying, "Geneva does a really good job of providing the highest quality classes they can. You can be sure to find someone on campus who knows a lot about whatever you're interested in."

A runner in high school, it was a given for Josh to join the track team when he came to Geneva College. For him, running is one more way to glorify God and thank Him through the gifts He has given. "I like to think of the line from the movie Chariots of Fire, when Eric Liddell says, ‘God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast, and when I run, I can feel his pleasure′," Josh says. "You do feel God′s pleasure when you run for the right reasons and purpose."

Josh is also involved in music on Geneva College′s campus. In addition to participating in the Genevans choir, he has also been a part of New Song, a small voice ensemble which tours during the summers. "It has probably been one of the best non-academic experiences I have had at Geneva," says Josh. "I have gotten to meet so many people, travel, learn more about my faith and see a much larger church than I thought existed. It has been fascinating and amazing to see how God works through people and to hear their stories." Josh sees his experience in New Song as an opportunity to use God-given talents and is embarking on his last year in the group this summer.

As if these activities were not enough, Josh works part-time at Geneva College by tutoring and working as a tour guide for the admissions office. When asked how he manages to find the time to do all the extra activities and his classes, Josh replies, "Sometimes I ask myself that, too, but I think balance is an important part. It is good to be involved and busy, but you have to know your limits and when to say no. For me, that involves a lot of tact and a lot prayer.

"I would encourage anyone to come to Geneva and experience the community here. There is always someone to talk to, a faculty member or another student, when you need it, and it is wonderfully strengthening to be surrounded by people who have a passion for serving God," Josh continues. "Because of the people here, I have grown much stronger, and I'm better at living my faith in real life. God has truly blessed me through Geneva."

- Bonnie Smith ′12

Josh graduated from Geneva College in May 2010.

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