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Kevin Goodnow - International Business

pic_kevin_goodnow.jpgKevin Goodnow’s interest in business was established at a young age. His father is the Director of Global Supply Chain Architecture Codings for PPG Industries and travels quite often— as a matter of fact, he recently returned from a trip to Brazil only to leave the next day for Florida. As Kevin was growing up, his father would sometime bring him along so that he could experience a variety of countries and cultures. Kevin began college as a student ministry major, but has decided that he wants to follow a path similar to his father’s and is now pursuing a business degree with a concentration in international business.

“I wouldn’t want to stay in one place,” says Kevin. “I want to see the world and interact with different cultures.”

During the college search process, Kevin visited Geneva College because he was interested in attending a Christian college, and the campus is close to his home. He knew right away that Geneva was the place for him.

“When I came to visit the campus, it just felt right,” says Kevin.

Kevin has been impressed with the high quality, faith-integrated and hands-on approach provided by Geneva’s business department. “The real world application that they teach is amazing, especially since the professors have been out there and have actually done it,” he explains. “I respect them because they aren’t just teaching from a text book, they are teaching from what they’ve seen with their own eyes,” he says.

He also appreciates the way the business department involves students and helps them prioritize their educational goals. The objectives are not only to work with a corporation, but to start their own enterprises.

“I’ve talked to people who want to start a non-profit organization to help kids specifically with Leukemia or Hodgkin’s disease,” says Kevin. “I’m impressed that they are so specific with their aspirations and can feel their callings that well.”

After graduation, Kevin hopes to start his own company. He also wants to launch a non-profit organization to help young hockey players, because he feels hockey played such an important part in his development. Kevin plans to use his Geneva education for the purpose of providing opportunities to others, and also helping them develop and grow in the Christian faith.

-Ben Butler ’14

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