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Limunga Mingo - Mechanical Engineering

limunga.pngBecause Limunga Mingo has been interested in mechanics from a young age, she decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. “I have always been fascinated by cars, and almost everything that moves,” she says. “As a kid I dreamed of working in the automobile industry.”

In order to realize this dream, Limunga left her home in Cameroon, Africa, to study engineering in the United States. And coming to America was definitely an eye-opening experience for her. Limunga was shocked by how welcoming the people have been—also that fish is not served with every meal like back home.

She originally enrolled at Kent State University, but soon discovered that the institution did not offer the appropriate courses necessary for working in the automobile industry. Limunga’s cousin Janice Lebga, a 2009 alumna and who majored in chemical engineering, strongly suggested Geneva College to her, so Limunga explored the school’s ABET-accredited, four-year engineering program and soon transferred.

Limunga has been very pleased with the quality of her courses, as well as the professors who teach them. Her favorite class is Kinematics Mechanics, which is taught by Dr. Christopher Jobes. In this class, she learned the concepts of mechanical alignment and structure, and even had the opportunity to design a car window regulator mechanism.

Her advisor, engineering professor Dr. David Che, has also been pivotal during her educational journey. “There are times when I feel that the tasks may be too daunting,” says Limunga. “But he always encourages and continues to push me forward.”

Besides the top-notch professors and curriculum, Limunga enjoys the Christian-rooted history and practice of Geneva. She comes from a Baptist background and is thankful to be able to continue her faith here. “I like the fact that it's a Christian school and that people are always willing to pray for each other,” she says. “It's also nice to be able to participate in Bible studies in my dorm. Sometimes you have to just slow down and reflect.”

Upon graduation, Limunga wants to go to graduate school rather than returning to Cameroon right away. She is exploring a few options, including going to France, where she has already travelled and is fluent in the language.

Ultimately, however, she hopes to return to Cameroon and establish the first automobile manufacturing plant in her area.  With the foundation of a Christian education, that just may happen.

-Benjamin S. Butler '14


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