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Marci Wagner - DCP, Human Resources Grad

Marci WagnerMany students return to school because they face the challenges of competing in the job market without a bachelor’s degree. When Marci Wagner made her decision, she was working as a career plan advisor. “Having seen so many individuals and families suffer through the devastating effects of losing a job, I never wanted to be in that position.” 

After helping men and women prepare to re-enter the work force, Marci was familiar with the Geneva College Degree Completion Program. “I became increasingly aware of Geneva’s unrivaled commitment of providing quality education and training to their students.” The DCP also offered 11 locations in western Pennsylvania, including one only a few miles from her office. 

Marci worried that returning to college would wreak havoc on her household. But her husband, who had completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees a few years before, promised her that he could control their home and their two teenage boys while she returned to school. That promise was all that Marci needed to call the DCP.

As a career plan advisor, she had witnessed the constant effects of organizational change and wanted to couple that experience with her desire to see people flourish in the work force. She decided to major in human resources, and from the first night of class she was motivated to succeed.

Marci worked diligently throughout the 17-month program, earning research honors in addition to managing a full-time job and a family. But she refuses to take credit for her achievement. In addition to support from her family, Marci received constant encouragement from DCP faculty and staff. And with the DCP’s unique cohort-style classroom, she says that she learned from classmates as well as instructors.

Marci has successfully finished her degree, but feels as though her education has just begun. Just a few months after earning her bachelor’s degree she will enter Geneva College’s Master of Organizational Leadership program. Some call her overzealous, but she says that she is simply taking the advice she gives her clients: “The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll have your degree.”

- Abby Jackson

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