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Marcus Costanza - Sociology Major


Crime doesn′t pay, but it will be the line of work for Geneva College senior sociology major Marcus Costanza, who is seeking a career in the field of criminal justice with the goal of becoming a state trooper.

Finding a Christ-centered education to be a necessity, Marcus chose Geneva and has taken advantage of many of the opportunities Geneva has to offer. Expressing his passion and talent for athletics, Marcus is the first-string safety for Geneva′s Golden Tornado football team. Many people also know Marcus through his connections with the community as he actively participates in the non-profit Golden Tornado Outreach (GTO) and is part of the Tiger Pause ministry, an organization that reaches out to the youth of Beaver Falls to provide God-centered programs that encourage them to grow in faith through Jesus Christ.

Marcus spent his first two years at Geneva as an undeclared major, waiting for inspiration to come along. After a few short weeks in sociology professor Dr. Brad Frey′s Social Justice class, Marcus found his inspiration and knew exactly what God was calling him to do with his life. Dr. Frey took the class to the Beaver County Jail to interact with inmates on a weekly basis which Marcus found fascinating. "All of the training is what really got me interested," Marcus explained "The class was fascinating because we had all types of authorities in the criminal justice field come in and share stories. I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life."

Reflecting on his education at Geneva, Marcus spoke of his appreciation for the faculty and staff who have always been there with guidance: "Dr. Frey was constantly available to me if I ever needed help. He genuinely cares about me as a person."

Through his extensive training in academics and faith, Marcus feels the courses he has taken at Geneva will play a huge role in his credibility once he graduates. After graduating with a B.A. in sociology and a minor in criminal justice, he hopes to become a state trooper in the local area and would like to work with his father, a deputy at the Beaver County sheriff′s office.

- Julia Schademan ′13

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