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Molly Stewart - History Education Grad

Molly Stewart

When Molly Stewart graduated in 2009, she had completed only three years of college. This isn't because she overloaded on classes during her first four semesters at Geneva, nor is it because she transferred from another school. “Geneva’s honors program,” Molly explains, “enabled me to take more credits and complete my degree earlier.”

Molly’s interest in history began with homeschooling, as her mother made the subject very hands on and interactive. By taking Molly on field trips and allowing her to imagine historical events on-site, her mother kindled Molly’s passion for history. After her homeschooling years, Molly knew she wanted to major in history, but it was the example of Geneva’s professors that confirmed her second passion: teaching.

Molly knows that “a lot of kids have a bad, boring and dry view of history.” But Molly’s mother and now her Geneva professors have made her realize how exciting the subject can be. “I feel that I have grown to view history as a storybook. People begin to seem real and events become more than just words on a page. History is not just about facts, names and dates — it's about real people, people whose lives have impacted the world in such a way that has almost, in a sense, created who you are today.” By expanding her history major to include education, Molly is equipped to share this story with others as a history teacher.

“Geneva as a whole has increased my walk with Christ so that He is able to point out to me where He wants me to go and how He wants me to use my gifts and talent,” Molly says. Her time at Geneva fostered a specific interest in the study of the Holocaust, as well as related issues of genocide activity in Africa.

Since graduating from Geneva, Molly is pursuing a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In addition to graduate school, her family recently adopted a sibling group of four from Russia, bringing her number of siblings up to ten. “Further down the road,” she says, “I would like to get another master’s degree in social work and do something with adoptions or get a doctorate in history to travel, research, and write.”

Upon reflection, Molly says, “my classes at Geneva helped me to connect my faith with the ‘outside world.’ They helped me to see how I can impact the world around me and make a difference.”  

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