Dr. Robert Tweed remembered

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Geneva remembers Dr. Robert Tweed

I well remember how Dr. Tweed came to my aid when I worked as a student assistant in the Bible Department. A particularly testy student kept pushing me for a rather eccentric interpretation of a text during a class discussion I led. Noticing my discomfort, Bob Tweed came to the rescue and set that student straight. Thanks, Bob! Seriously, I remember him as a kind, soft-spoken Christian leader with a generous heart.

- Irving Douglas Estella, '79

"Dr. Tweed was my academic advisor and eventually my employer when he hired me as one of his assistants in the Biblical Studies Department. During our first meeting he explained why we were using very few secondary sources for the introductory biblical studies courses. He told me that we would be reading a large number of Bible passages because "if the Bible does not speak for itself, then we have nothing." Truly wise words that I took to heart, and that guide me to this day."

- Steve Ebner '77

"I first met Bob when he became engaged to my cousin Elaine. It was a little daunting to say the least when we heard that there would be Dr. and professor of Bible joining the family. Fortunately the righteous stuffed shirt we were half suspecting to meet never materialized. Bob as it turned out was just Bob and what a wonderful surprise that turned out to be. He was the most remarkable man it has ever been my great pleasure to know. He was kind, loving, peaceful and intelligent spirit who always took the time to encourage his brothers, sisters, yes, and even cousins in Christ. He was a consumate teacher of the Holy Word. He helped and encouraged me though several writing projects that I've done. The time we shared will always be a cherished memory to me. As it turns out a lifetime to share was not enough so now more than ever I have reason to rejoice in the everlasting. Amen and Amen."

- Connie Householder Frochio

"I believe it was 1940 when I met the Tweed family. Younger brother John and I became life-long firends, but in those early days, there was always the laughing, earnest, kindly big brother, Bob. He was our "role model" before the term hit the news, and we never failed to benefit from his presence. After decades, I got to speak to him by phone last year, and after a good chat catching up, he prayed for, and with me on the phone. His last words were typically, "God bless you.""

- Don Robb

"I remember Bob Tweed as the kind of person and Christian that anyone would do well to emulate. I took a course in the History of Philosophy from him as a senior and he was as good a teacher as he was in the rest of his life. I haven't seen him a lot over the years but I will never forget him and look forward to meeting with him in God's kingdom."

- William T. Jackson '57

"My Grandfather was a very good man. He baptized me and all my siblings. We will always keep him in our hearts."

- Elaina Tweed

"The Tweeds were always a presence at the church camps we attended as kids growing up in the R.P. church community. My brother Bill was a very close friend of Stuart Tweed's from those church camp experiences, and Stuart took my place on a Scott family trip to Canada in the summer of 1975, when I extended my Ecuador visit and couldn't get back. Condolences to the Tweed family."

- Robert Bruce Scott

"I met Dr. Tweed in the summer of 1946 when he encouraged me to come to Geneva; he was a junior then. Later we spent two years together in seminary and have been colleagues in the ministry of the gospel ever since. We have had a sustained friendship and lately we participated in a group of retired pastors who pray every other Wednesday. This morning Bob's chair was vacant, but our memories of serving Christ together remain. We will miss him."

- Kenneth G. Smith '49

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