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Secondary Education Certification

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Secondary education students major in their desired subject of interest and combine this subject knowledge with professional education courses.

Geneva offers certification for secondary education students in:

Through the education department, we offer classes to qualify students for certification requirements necessary at the time of their graduation. Courses for secondary education majors cover issues such as: technology, methods, assessments, exceptionalities in the classroom and more.

Why choose education at Geneva College?

  • Experiential classroom learning available as early as freshman year.
  • Tutoring and extensive field experience in local classrooms.    
  • Student teaching overseas is available.
  • All 50 states offer some form of reciprocity for certification to Geneva graduates.
  • Integration of faith in teaching philosophy and practice.

Classes include:

  • Social and Philosophical Foundations of Modern Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Content Literacy
  • Exceptionality in the Secondary Classroom

What can you do with an education degree?

Geneva has a strong interest in preparing well-qualified Christian teachers for careers in both public and Christian schools. Programs lead to certification in Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Through inter-state certification agreements, certification is readily achieved in many other states. Geneva graduates are assured of general acceptance as teacher of the subject areas for which the college has approved programs.


Point of Excellence

Geneva graduates have an 80% acceptance rate when applying for entrance to medical school–well above the national average.

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