Geneva College

Social Studies Education Certification

History, Poli Sci & Sociology DepartmentSocial studies education students combine a major in history or political science with professional education certification coursework from the education department. The education courses cover issues such as: technology, methods, assessments, exceptionalities in the classroom and more.

Why choose Social Studies education at Geneva College?ed_depart.JPG

  • Geneva‚Äôs program is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and all 50 states offer some form of reciprocity for certification to Geneva graduates.
  • All of our classes are small. Even the history surveys have 30 students or fewer each semester. Our upper level courses have enrollments of 15-20 students and often far fewer. 
  • Summer programs include the Institute of Comparative Economic and Political Systems at Georgetown University.
  • Tutoring and extensive field experience in local classrooms.    

Some classes you may take

  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Modern Asia
  • International Relations
  • State and Local Government
  • Content Literacy
  • Exceptionality in the Secondary Classroom

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