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Student Ministry Major

  • Dr. Jonathan Watt

    Chair of the Department of Bible, Christian Ministries & Philosophy, presented “Idiolect, Candy Bars and ‘Artisan English’ Orthography” at the International Conference on Diversity in Organizations in Vienna, Austria.
  • Dr. Byron Curtis

    Professor of Biblical Studies, presented “Messiah and Messiahs in Zechariah 6: Crowns, Thrones, and the Zemah” as an invited guest lecturer at the Caspari Center for Biblical and Judaic Studies in Jerusalem.
  • Rev. Rutledge Etheridge

    Chaplain, presented “Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves: Engaging the Heart (and the Hearts) behind Contemporary Unbelief” at the 2014 ChristianGovernance “Talk Your Walk” biblical worldview conference.

Click here to visit the Geneva College Bible department Web page.The student ministry major delivers the foundation, ministry skills, and attitudes that will prepare students to serve as ministers to youth in church or para-church settings. Students can choose to specialize in Urban Ministry, Children's Ministry, Outdoor/Experiential Education, or College Ministry.

In the senior year of study, students must complete an internship, equipping them with hands on experience where classroom knowledge can be practically applied. Faculty who teach in this major combine education with church experience, delivering to students an enriched learning context.

Bible Day

For more information check out the Student Ministry Blog.

Why major in student ministry at Geneva College?

    Develop the foundation, ministry skills and attitude to minister to youth in church or para-church settings
  • Choose to specialize in Urban Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Outdoor/Experiential Education or College Ministry
  • Combine classroom education with church experience
  • Faculty with long-term ministry experience will train you in evangelism and discipleship
  • Get hands-on experience through internships and a variety of other opportunities, such as: local churches, Young Life, Silver Ring Thing, Coalition for Christian Outreach, LeaderTreks, Ligonier Camp, Summer’s Best Two Weeks, Tiger Pause and many more. 

Classes you might take

  • studentmin_team.jpgBiblical theology
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Evangelism
  • Methods of Teaching the Bible
  • Introduction to Urban Student Ministry

What can you do with a student ministry degree?

  • Church youth director
  • Seminary or graduate school
  • Campus ministries
  • Children’s ministry
  • Outdoor education


Kenny Crosswhite 

When Doubt Derails Your Ministry - Kenny Crosswhite
Session 1 -
Investigating the paralyzing doubts of ministry.


Point of Excellence

Geneva College’s Center for Urban Biblical Ministry (CUBM) in Pittsburgh educates urban students for effective service in their local communities.

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Upcoming Events
February 3, 2014
Dr. Curtis translates three songs for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
The PSO will perform the pieces during a free February 13 concert at East Liberty Presbyterian Church.
November 4, 2013
Dr. Gabriel Barkay to speak about archaeology in Jerusalem
The celebrated archaeological excavator will be on campus November 11.
March 7, 2014
Dr. Meek publishes "A Little Manual for Knowing"
The book presents an eight-step approach to epistemology—the study of the nature of knowledge.
March 25, 2014
Dr. Merold Westphal to visit Geneva for annual Bitar Lecture Series
Westphal, a renowned philosopher and author, will speak on Apr. 8-9.
October 30, 2013
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