15 Things to do before you arrive on campus:

The first week of classes will be here sooner than you know it. Here are 15 action steps we suggest you take before you arrive on campus. Take a read and start preparing!

  1. Complete all of the required new student forms. Have you filled out all of your forms? Take a look at this link to see the list of forms: http://www.geneva.edu/object/new_student_forms.  Having your forms completed before you arrive to campus gives you the fast pass once you arrive for move-in day.
  2. Join in on the Freshmen Expedition. This outdoor orientation experience is a great way to develop relationships and jump start your college experience: https://www.geneva.edu/object/freshman_expedition
  3. Follow @genevaSPO on twitter and like gcSPO on Facebook. Get the latest Geneva student activities info, pictures, and videos by staying in touch with the social media happenings of the Student Programs Office (SPO). Joining in on this social media madness will also keep you up-to-date on all Welcome Week info.
  4. Make a move-in day playlist. Nothing gets you in the groove on your first day of campus life like your own jams. Then, once you arrive, swap playlists with your new roommate/classmate. Who knows, you might both secretly like the same artists!
  5. Write someone a thank you letter.  Although you have accomplished a lot to get here, most likely someone else has also contributed to you making it to Geneva. Take a second to let this special person know how much you appreciate how they have impacted your life. And send them a letter - not a text or Facebook message – but a letter. Trust us, they will appreciate it.
  6. Make a packing list. Even if you aren’t a list person, we suggest going with a list on this one. Start with the large categories: academics, clothes, snack food, room décor. From there, start adding specific items to the list. This list will help alleviate the stress of actually packing. Check out our suggestions on what to bring.
  7. Throw a going away party for yourself. You are starting a big new venture. The best way to start a new chapter, celebrate with folks that are in your current chapter.  Invite your family, invite your friends, and make the most of a night of celebration together.
  8. Check the move-in day map. We know that move-in day is a big day for you. We want to make that big day as stress-free as possible. Therefore, we have created a specific driving flow to help keep everyone moving in the right direction – literally. View the Move-In Day flowchart to view where you need to go.
  9. Contact your roommate (commuters – we thought we would give you a gift and let you skip out on one). Some of the best times in college are with your roommate. Take the initiative to contact your roommate and start the relationship off right. Wondering what you would talk about? Here are some conversation starters: What are you bringing for the room? What time do you think you will get to Geneva on move-in day? How often do you shower a week? From there, just go with your instincts.
  10. Check out local churches. Plugging in with a local church is a great way to connect, serve, and be served. Click this link, read through the list, and figure out which new spot you might start calling your church home. https://www.geneva.edu/page/local_churches
  11. Know your class schedule. We pride ourselves with our great faculty who are second to none in the classroom. But before you can soak in all of the knowledge that our professors have to offer, you have to make it to your class. We will be sending all new students your class schedule via mail. Plan on receiving your finalized official schedule by August 1st. Once you have it in hand, check out your class breakdown and start getting a feel for what will soon be your new routine.
  12. Hug your parents daily. Even if they don’t show it, your parents are going to miss you – or at least most of you. Give them a little daily kickback for helping you make it to age 18. A hug can go a long way in making the transition a good one for everyone.  
  13. Make a list of 10 goals. College is what you make it.  The opportunity for growth is around every corner at Geneva. Make a list of 10 things you want to accomplish in your first year at college.
  14. Pray daily. We have already been praying for you as you start making this transition. Join with us as we cover this time of your life in prayer.  Be specific. Be bold. Be consistent.
  15. Enjoy your summer. Although we hope you start thinking about how you can prepare for college, we don’t want you to miss out on your summer.  We hope you dominant this list, all while saving room for soaking in the sun, hitting up baseball games, and enjoying late nights with the friends.