Geneva College

Welcome Week FAQ

  1. Is Welcome Week required? Yes, Welcome Week is required. Welcome Week is specifically designed to benefit you as you transition into the Geneva community. Many of the Welcome Week activities also count towards class credit for the Learning and Transition course.
  2. I′m a transfer, is Welcome Week required? Yes, Welcome Week is required. As stated above, Welcome Week is specifically designed to benefit all new students as they transition into the Geneva community. We realize that transfer students enter Geneva having already experienced college life. We therefore have generated a specific transfer track that all transfer students will experience together during Welcome Week. This unique track is designed to meet the specific needs of transfer students as they enter Geneva. It is also designed to help transfer students meet other transfer students.
  3. I′m a commuter, when will I be done each day? Each day has a unique schedule. We recommend two action steps: 1). Check out the Welcome Week Schedule on this website 2). Once you are on campus, talk to your Learning and Transition upperclassmen mentor if you have a specific conflict.
  4. What is involved in the Pisgah trip? The Pisgah trip is an experiential team-building time. This is by far the most loved event during Welcome Week. The trained Pisgah instructors will be walking each Welcome Week group through a series of activities designed to build team unity, foster self awareness, and improve communication skills. Tennis shoes are required for this activity.
  5. What is involved with "Our Town"? Our Town is a great reminder to students that although they are in college, they are also part of a larger city community. Our Town therefore provides students with a chance to partner with local churches and ministries in the Beaver Falls area. Each Welcome Week group will serve alongside their assigned church/ministry for the morning. The actual work performed by each team varies based on the needs of the church/ministry.
  6. I′m a student-athlete who will be in training. How does that fit into Welcome Week? We have worked with all the coaches to create a specific student-athlete Welcome Week schedule. This schedule indicates when you as a student-athlete need to be practicing with your team and when you need to be with your Welcome Week group. We also have built in specific rest time, so that you can balance both demands in a healthy way. We will give you the student-athlete schedule once you arrive on campus.
  7. What do my parents need to attend? Parents, you are just as much a part of the Geneva community as your student. We have crafted Move-In Day considering your crucial part in this transition period. Parents are welcome to be a part of all activities on Move-In Day from 9am-3:30pm, including the Opening Welcome. At the end of the Opening Welcome, we have created a short space in time for parents to say good-bye to their students. We say this so you can emotionally prepare yourself! After this good-bye time, the students will be leaving to meet their Welcome Week groups. We have then crafted a short 30 minute Parent Session designed to present parents with relevant information on important resources and campus events. Check out the Welcome Week schedule for specific information.
  8. What do I need to bring? Follow this link for our recommendations on what to bring: What to bring?
  9. Do I need money for any of the activities? All of our Welcome Week activities are free of charge! You will not need any money for the activities, but if you can manage to get a little spending money off of your parents before they leave - that never hurts!