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Requesting a Tutor
Requesting A Tutor

Students who desire tutoring in a particular class should initially seek assistance from professors and departmental assistants. Peer tutoring is available for free to all students in need of additional academic support for up to seven (7) hours of tutoring. If students would like additional hours for tutoring, they can appeal by talking to a professional in the ACCESS office. All tutors have received a recommendation from faculty and have taken the course they are tutoring and received a B or higher for their final grade.

Tutoring is available throughout the semester, but early tutor requests provide the best opportunity for assistance. Professors will be notified when a student receives a tutor in their course. (The Tutor Program Coordinator must be contacted if a student does not want the Professor notified.)

How to Request a Peer Tutor

Undergraduate students can request a peer tutor, if available, for weekly one-hour sessions (up to seven (7) hours per semester).  Students MUST be registered in the course for which they request tutoring.

Step 1: Schedule a Tutor Request Interview

An interview is required before a peer tutor assignment can be made.  The purpose of the interview is to determine the student’s needs and to inform the student of tutoring procedures.

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Printable Tutor Interview Request Form (.pdf)

Step 2: Interview

After an interview appointment with the Tutor Program Coordinator is confirmed, the interview will take place with a staff member of the ACCESS office.  During the interview, the student will be asked to review and sign a tutee contract for tutoring. 

View Tutee Contract (.pdf)

Step 3: Outcome

If the request for a tutor is approved during the interview, ACCESS will notify the tutee of the tutor assignment through campus mail within three (3) working days after the interview.  The assignment letter will give the tutor’s name, phone number and email address.  The tutor will contact the tutee within two (2) days to set up a tutoring session.  If a tutor is not readily available, the tutee will receive an email regarding the progress of the search.


Tutor Program Coordinator:

Marsha Montgomery
Office & Tutor Program Coordinator

Geneva College | 3200 College Ave., Beaver Falls, PA 15010