Geneva College

Human Resources

This major prepares today’s college graduates for business careers both as generalists in human resource departments, with oversight for areas like hiring, compensation and benefits, safety, training, and conflict resolution and as managers or supervisors in other areas of an organization’s life. In addition to usual HR topics, course topics include group dynamics, styles of communication, problems of supervision, ethics and decision making, and organizational behavior. Courses in this curriculum prepare graduates to respond effectively to rapid change and cultivate broad perspectives so necessary for effective leadership in today’s diverse organizations.


Term One    Credits
HRS 445 Theory and Practice of Adult Learning
BBL 408  Foundations of Christian Thought
HRS 430  Organizational Analysis
HRS 451  Introduction to Human Resources
Term Two    Credits
HRS 441  Business and Interpersonal Communication
HRS 453 Policies and Personnel Management
HRS 432 Human Resources: Research and Resources
HRS 457  Principles of Management and Supervision 
Term Three    Credits
BBL 409 Christianity in Dialogue
PLS 401  Christian Faith and Politics 3
HMT 411  Humanities
SGY 410  Marriage, Family and Church 3
Term Four    Credits
HRS 455 Employee & Labor Relations
HRS 443 Training and Development 3
HRS 470 Senior Seminar 3
HRS 458 Current Issues in HR 3


Students must complete 126 credits for graduation in the human resources major.

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