Geneva College



Christian Ministry Leadership

Curriculum in the Christian Ministry Leadership (CMN) major is focused on developing Christian leaders to serve effectively by enabling them to envision, plan, develop and implement church or para-church ministries that may impact their communities for the Kingdom of Christ.


Course Number Course Name Sessions Credits
ADL 445 Theory and Practice of Adult Learning   3
BBL 408 Foundations of Christian Thought 3
ADL 430 Organizational Analysis 3
CMN 403 Personal Leadership Assessment and Development 3
CMN 404 Old Testament Principles for Ministry 3
CMN 406 The Church in Its Community 3
ADL 432 Christian Ministry Leadership: Research and Resources 3
CMN 407 New Testament Principles for Ministry 3
BBL 409 Christianity in Dialogue 3
PLS 401 Christian Faith and Politics 3
HMT 411 Humanities 3
SGY 410 Marriage, Family and Church 3
CMN 409 Principles of Family Ministry 3
CMN 416 Theology and Practice of Evangelism 3
ADL 470 Career and Professional Development 3
CMN 410 Leadership for Mission and Ministry


Christian Ministry Leadership majors must complete 126 credits for graduation, including Old Testament survey (three credits) and New Testament survey (three credits), both approved by Geneva College.

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