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Human Services

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services curriculum is designed with the needs of the community in mind. It provides students with a theoretical and practical framework that prepares them to assume positions in the human service field. Graduates are expected to demonstrate mastery of core competencies that include:

  • Abnormal and deviant behavior, including mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, and criminality
  • Social problems, including poverty, racism, ageism and the social organizations designed to address these problems
  • The history of human services and social welfare policies
  • Successful intervention skills, including the nature of helping relationships, communication, delivery of individual and group services, and effective casework management
  • The interrelatedness of Christian faith with stewardship and service to others

Course Number Course Name Sessions Credits
HSS 201  Introduction to Human Services  5
HSS 301  Social Welfare Agencies/Policies 6 (OL)
BBL 408  Foundations of Christian Thought 5
HSS 205 Cultural Competence  5
HSS 305 Counseling & Helping Skills I 5
ADL 432 Human Services: Research and Resources 6 (OL)
HSS 405 Community Interventions 5
HSS 307  Generalist Practice, Model & Theory  5
BBL 409 Christianity in Dialogue 5
HMT 411 Humanities 6 (OL)
PLS 401 Christian Faith and Politics 5 3
SGY 410 Marriage, Family and Church 5 3
HSS 434 HSS Applied Research and Statistics 5 3
HSS 450 Field Experience (12)** 6
HSS 401 Senior Seminar 3

**NOTE: HSS 434/450/401 will be delivered concurrently over the 17 week term.

HSS 434 will meet on weeks #53, 56, 60, 63, and 68

Students must complete 90 semester hour credits before participating in the field experience at the start of term four. Students must complete prerequisites Abnormal Psychology (three credits) and Introduction to Sociology (three credits) by the beginning of term four. Students must also complete Lifespan Development (three credits) and Human Diversity (three credits). The Human Services major requires 126 credits for graduation.

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