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Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (BSOL) degree is a business-oriented program that equips students to ascend to administrative and leadership positions in their corporations or organizations. Building upon the adult student’s existing work experience, the B.S. in Organizational Leadership major provides students:

  • The concepts and tools to mobilize and motivate employees to reach desired goals
  • A better understanding of the complex challenges facing today’s organizations and how leaders can react to them
  • An ethical framework for making decisions that affect others in the workplace

Graduates use their education in a wide array of occupations such as management, administration and supervision. The BSOL also equips students for the diverse and complex work environments of today’s rapidly changing world. Graduates go on to careers in a wide range of industries, including corporations, government agencies, private or entrepreneurial businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the military.

Geneva College’s Organizational Leadership major offers you the flexibility to choose what learning style works best for you, with the degree offered both online and in a traditional classroom-based model.

Classroom Online

Course Number Course Name Sessions Credits
ADL 445 Theory and Practice of Adult Learning   3
BBL 408 Foundations of Christian Thought 3
ADL 430 Organizational Analysis 3
HRS 451 Introduction to Human Resources 3
LDP 441 Business and Interpersonal Communication 3
ADL 432 Organizational Leadership: Research and Resources 3
LDP 447 Principles of Teambuilding 3
HRS 457 Principles of Management and Supervision 3
BBL 409 Christianity in Dialogue 3
HMT 411 Humanities 3
PLS 401 Christian Faith and Politics 3
SGY 410 Marriage, Family and Church 3
ORD 460 Organizational Dynamics 3
LDP 449 Principles of Negotiation 3
ADL 470 Career and Professional Development 3
LDP 438 Principles of Organizational Change 3

If you are interested in Geneva College’s classroom-based or online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program, we invite you to fill out the form on this page to receive more information.