Session 1 September-October

PSS 313 Abnormal Psychology Tuesday 9/4/12 - 10/23/12 Main Campus Beaver Falls
BIB 112 Introduction to Old Testament Wednesday 9/5/12 ? 10/24/12 Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary Pittsburgh
CHM 140 Fundamentals of Chemistry Monday 9/10/12 ? 10/22/12 Main Campus Beaver Falls

Session 2 October-December

ACE 116 Oral Communications Monday 10/29/12 ? 12/3/12 Main Campus Beaver Falls
HUM 118 Classical & Christian Cultures Tuesday 10/30/12 ? 12/18/12 Main Campus Beaver Falls
BIB 113 Introduction to New Testament Wednesday 10/31/12 ? 12/19/12 Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary Pittsburgh




Fall 2012 September-December

EGL 101 English Composition ? hybrid online
BIB 112 V Introduction to the Old Testament ?DVD
BIB 113 V Introduction to the New Testament ? DVD




Session 1 August 22 ? October 17

Session 2 October 17 ? December 12

Schedule for Fall 2012 Fully Online Courses>>

Course ID Course Name Bookstore ID Resources
ACE150KE Fundamentals of Accounting BUS331 View
This course provides an overview of accounting from the perspective of a non-accounting manager. It helps to develop the tools to understand the essentials of how finance functions within an organization. This includes internal controls, the function of accounting, historical accounting data and financial planning. The course also provides an overview of how to manage a business by God's principles
BIB112KE Old Testament Survey OT231 View
This course introduces adult students to the history, doctrine and background features of the books of the Bible that were written prior to the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Our primary goal in this course is to help students become better readers of the Old Testament.
HUM118KE Classical & Christian Cultures HIS231 View
Human achievement in philosophy, theology, literature, and art is examined in historical context from ancient times to the Renaissance.
HUM119KE Humanities From The Renaissance To The Present HIS232 View
This is a survey course of the historical, cultural, social, economic, and religious developments in western civilization. This course will examine, through reading, writing, and discussion, the dominant ideas in western culture as expressed in the philosophy, art, literature, and music from a Christian perspective.
PSS201KE Introduction To Psychology PSY133 View
Problems, principles and methods in general psychology prepare for a number of professional fields. Topics include human development, motivation, emotion, learning, personality and abnormal behavior.
SCS215KE Earth & Space Science PSI131 View
Incorporates the disciplines of geology, meteorology and astronomy into a holistic study of planet earth. A major goal of the course is to give the student an understanding of the mechanics of God?s creation.

SOC 110 OL Sociological Perspectives
10/17/12 through 12/12/12 (3 social science CORE or 3 elective credits; 8 online sessions)
The primary purpose of this course is to introduce students to a way of seeing the world through social spectacles.  More than that, the course is designed to help students see our very social world through Christian lenses.   This course has been designed to help the adult student identify some of the sociological theories behind the social dimension of their own lives and work.  The course will examine God?s original intent for social institutions, how current social institutions have fallen short as well as the potential for renewal within various social institutions.

Technology Needed for Fully Online Courses