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Chapel at Geneva College.

As part of the educational mission of Geneva College, a weekly devotional time for the college community is conducted on Wednesdays from 10:10–11 a.m. This devotional time provides opportunity for the campus to gather together to praise God, hear His word, and seek His favor and direction. Attendance is mandatory for students and the entire campus community is encouraged to participate.

Educational - Chapel provides the Geneva community with an opportunity to be instructed on different aspects of the Christian life; to be encouraged as we deal with issues and temptations that confront us; to be challenged to address the needs of the community and the world in which we live.

Devotional - Chapel provides an opportunity for the campus community to focus on Jesus Christ and His work for us and in us; to praise Him, and to pray that we might follow and serve Him.

Universal - Chapel provides an opportunity to recognize and experience the breadth of the worldwide Christian community and incorporates contributions from various cultures and Christian traditions.

Singing of Psalms

Psalm singing is one of the distinctive features of Chapel. While uncommon in many churches today, psalm singing has been the historic practice for Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican Churches, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, as well as most Presbyterian, Reformed, Baptist and Congregational churches for generations. Chapel psalm selections attempt to show the wide range of emotions and praise to God found in the psalms.

The Psalms reflect the spirit of God's people and they are an appropriate pattern for our corporate expressions in Chapel. We praise God for His glorious works of creation and redemption, for His faithfulness to His word, for His goodness and justice, for the beauty of His handiwork.

We come to confess our sins and to plead for grace in times of human distress. Since all of these are profoundly evident in the Psalms, we take this opportunity to explore the Psalms together.

For 2012-13, the Chapel Leadership Team has chosen the book Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris to provide a backdrop for Chapel.

In his introduction, Harris raises the question “What are YOU building your life on?” Our lives are like a house and every house has a foundation of what we trust and hope in, the thing that gives life a sense of meaning and security. Jesus’ teaching on this was radical, unsettling, and perhaps offensive. He said that he was the one true and solid foundation for life.

Harris’ book is the story of how he has been learning what it means to come to Jesus, to hear his words, and put them into practice. He notes that a fancier way to describe it is to say it is how he learned that biblical theology is good and important for living life, how Christian truth is practical for real people.

While you won’t be hearing about the book on a weekly basis, guest chapel speakers address some of the practical theological questions (the Bible, suffering, holiness, the Kingdom) raised in Harris’ book, as well as focus on some of the major issues we face in our lives (sexuality, addictions, injustice, anxiety, racism, calling). In all this our desire is realize our deep need to know, enjoy, love and serve God and to demonstrate that in our daily lives.

Speakers will include on-campus faculty, staff and students, as well as guests from off campus.


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Among a recent sampling of chemistry graduates, 83% were able to work in an internship or research experience during college years, and 100% had employment in their field or were accepted into graduate school within three months of graduation.

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