Geneva College

Support Groups

Currently Available Support Groups:

  • Depression Support Group

    This is an open group to anyone struggling with depression, grief, or loss.
  • Men's Healthy Sexuality (a.k.a "Fight Club")

    Fight Club is a confidential support group for men. While the broader focus of the group is to educate members on healthy sexuality, recovering from an addiction to pornography is a central tenet of this group.

    P/E is a nationally recognized program for helping engaged couples prepare for marriage or helping newly-weds enrich the marriages they have already begun. At this time couples can request to go through the P/E program with a counselor who is trained and certified to facilitate it; furthermore, we are offering the P/E program in a group setting as well. If you are interested in attending please contact the counseling center for further information.
  • HUSH

    HUSH is a support group for women who have experienced sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse in their past--either recent or several years ago.
  • A Way Out

    This group is for both men/women who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction and are seeking support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Celebrate Recovery

    Celebrate Recovery is a nationally recognized Christian 12 step program. This group is open to anyone who struggles with an addictive behavior such as alcohol, drugs, self-injury, and/or eating.

Potential Support Groups:

If there is a group you would like to attend but do not see listed as available above please contact the counseling center and request it. While we cannot ensure its immediate availability, we value your feedback and will seek to add groups, whenever possible, that reflect those requested.

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