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Early College Program

The Early College Program is an excellent opportunity for academically advanced high school students to start their college degree and earn college credit during their high school years.

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Start your college degree!

Am I eligible?

The Early College Program is available to:

  • Students in the top 10% of their class or,
    recipients of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth scholarship

What courses can I take?

A variety of courses in the sciences, humanities, languages, philosophy, business and engineering are eligible. Any course a student can handle is open to Early College Program students. Admissions Counselors help guide students in choosing the right courses.

When can I attend?

Eligible high school students may take classes during any of Geneva's regular course times—day school, evening school and summer school—as long as the student’s high school administration approves.

Does the course “count”?

Yes, full college credit is granted. Students are in courses with traditional college-age students and are graded by the same standards. These credits are acquired and accepted at Geneva, an accredited institution of higher education, and are transferable.

Is financial aid available?

While enrolled in the Early College Program, students receive a scholarship equal to 50% of the current tuition.

How many credits can I take?

Students are limited to a maximum of nine credits per semester, with a maximum of 15 total credits while enrolled in the Early College Program. Credits taken beyond these set limits are charged at full tuition rates.


Point of Excellence

Geneva has a larger percentage of senior faculty than most U.S. colleges, with 45% being full professors compared to the national average of 25%.
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Information about a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, which are offered through seven institutions including Geneva, will be presented.
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