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Geneva College cares about the health and well-being of each Geneva student. We want to do all we can to ensure that students seek and receive medical attention (for both physical and mental needs) as soon as possible. Therefore, in addition to having an on-campus nurse, Geneva College requires that ALL full-time traditional undergraduate students must carry health Insurance.

To help our students comply with this policy, each full-time traditional undergraduate student will be enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Plan through Geneva College, UNLESS the student completes an online waiver with policy information showing that they already have health insurance coverage.

There is a deadline for this waiver which will be announced each semester, but will be around the start of the semester. For students who enroll in the plan starting in the fall semester 2014, the plan covers the period August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015 and the cost charged to their student account will be $1,380. The deadline to waive coverage for the fall semester is August 29, 2014.

There has been an increase in the college’s student health plan premium between the 13-14 school year and the 14-15 school year ($1,380 in 14-15 vs. $987 in 13-14 for a full-time traditional undergraduate student). This increase is due to higher coverage requirements of the PPACA (Obamacare), as well as heavier than expected use of the plan by insured students this past year. However, when comparing the benefits/coverage and the premium rates of this plan with other individual plans with similar coverage in the marketplace, the cost of the college’s plan appears to be well below what is otherwise available. The college has been told that a plan for PA residents in their 20s  with comparable coverage would have an average cost of about $3,400 per year. The college only requires that full-time traditional undergraduate students have health coverage; it does not need to be the plan that we provide. We encourage individuals to explore other possibilities as the rates available on the federal or state exchanges are highly dependent on individual circumstances.

Complete the Health Insurance Waiver using the steps below:

  1. To waive Geneva’s coverage, or to enroll immediately, go to
  2. Select Geneva College from the top menu
  3. On the left menu, click either “Enroll Now” or “Waive Your School’s Insurance.” Leading zeroes are not necessary on your ID number. The deadline for fall is August 29, 2014.

Having health insurance coverage can help students reach their full potential at Geneva by helping them to remain healthy and focused on their studies and extracurricular activities. It also decreases the chances that they will have to delay their education due to large unanticipated medical costs. Requiring each individual to have health insurance also helps the Geneva community at large - being treated early for medical concerns can help stop the spread of communicable disease in dormitories' close living quarters and shared eating/learning spaces.

A large number of Geneva's student population participate in athletic clubs (non-varsity)like rugby, hockey. etc. and intramural which likely increases their risks for injuries. Finally, by requiring all students to have coverage, we are able to provide an insurance plan at a reasonable rate for those who participate in the Geneva-sponsored plan.

Geneva recognizes that some students and their families may wish to participate in Christian healthcare-cost-sharing programs in lieu of traditional health insurance. Geneva accepts documented participation in such reputable organizations as fulfilling our requirement for health insurance coverage.

For information on the UnitedHealthcare plan, including a flyer or brochure outlining plan benefits, please go to, select Geneva College, and click “Review Brochures." Additional questions can be answered at

To waive Geneva’s coverage, or to enroll immediately, go to, select Geneva College, and from the left menu, click either “Enroll Now” or “Waive Your School’s Insurance.”  The deadline for fall is August 29, 2014.


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