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Welcome to the parent section of the Geneva College website. This section shares a lot of information, from directions to campus resources, care packages and much more, but the parent experience at Geneva College can best be described by parents themselves. Here’s a sampling:

  • “As a student at Geneva, Kenny has continued to experience that support, encouragement and guidance; in academics, in extracurricular activities, in his faith walk, and in his relationships. We are thankful that Geneva is part of his journey!” -- Jim and Karen Van Duzer, Port Republic, MD
  • “We loved everything about Geneva. Zach said, ‘That is where I want to go!’ So we went home and did a whole lot of praying and asked God to just open the doors and shut others if that is where he wanted Zach. He loves it! We love it!” – Miriam Miller, Brockport, NY
  • “Geneva has been a tremendous blessing to our children and ourselves. Our kids have found wonderful professors that have invested in them and cared for them. They have also been given tools to shape their faith in order to impact the world for Christ. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the decision our family made in our kids attending Geneva.” – John and Michelle Westurn, Beaver, PA
  • “Our greatest challenge is travel distance and separation. We can’t attend all events, as when homeschooling, but our family makes the most of Skype, texting, and care packages. Someone always offers airport transportation, help when sickness occurs, or a home-cooked meal. The family at Geneva pulls together whether in a crises or as a norm of sharing life together. [I recommend] when visiting Geneva, make the effort to interact with professors, staff, and other families. The network of fun and loving people here will bless you and your student. Visiting campus begins to feel like home away from home for the entire family.” -- Tony and Annisa Lamberton, Middletown Springs, Vermont
  • “Geneva has a safe, healthy Christian atmosphere that we are proud our children are a part of.” – Fred and Wendy Lates, Holmes, NY

There is a lot of information in the pages within this parent section and it is our hope that through them you discover more about the college and more about the special students who attend it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact, 724.847.6843.


Point of Excellence

Geneva is one of only 118 colleges in the U.S. to be approved for membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), and is a founding member.

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Upcoming Events
Red Cross presents Geneva the College of the Year Award
The campus community was honored for its support of the Red Cross Blood Program.
Super Fans bring back GT Victory Bell ring
The tradition was restored in honor of the volleyball win against Chatham.
Geneva leaps ahead in U.S. News 2015 Best College rankings
This year, Geneva climbs even higher in the Best Value, Best Regional College and Best Engineering lists.
Alexander Dining Hall completed
After a summer of renovation, the changes to Alexander Dining Hall are finished.
Academic Convocation officially opened the fall semester
First-year students were welcomed and faculty achievements were honored during the traditional ceremony.