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Quest Advisor Application

Apply below to be considered for a Quest advisor:

Quest Advisors are expected to:
1.      Work with CFP to solidify trip details including but not limited to travel arrangements, contact information, passports, budgeting, food, and Crossroads paperwork.

2.      Assist with CFP efforts to advertise and recruit student participants.

3.      Work with CFP in selecting a student leader and meeting regularly with him or her to prepare for the trip. The student leader should feel empowered to take a leadership role within the group.

4.      Understand the relevant issues of the particular site and be able to discuss these with students prior to the trip in 4-6 regular meetings/class times.

5.      Attend all Quest events including Student Leader and Advisor Training, Commissioning Service, and Celebration Banquet.

6.      Attend the trip.

7.      Keep track of all expenses being certain to stay within budget limitations set while planning the trip. All receipts must be turned in with an expense report to CFP upon completion of the trip.

8.      Understand the off-campus travel policies, crisis management procedure, and use them as guides in decision-making and helping to ensure student safety while on the trip.

9.      Debrief with your group during the trip and when you return.

10.  Debrief with CFP upon return.

11.  Coordinate fundraising efforts for your team.

12.  Other duties as required by the Director of the CFP.

Personal Information
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Brief Essay Questions
Describe you personal faith journey:
Why do you want to advise a Quest trip?
Why did you preference the trips the way you did?
How do you see a Quest trip as an educational experience for students?
How do you see Quest trips connecting with Geneva College’s mission and purpose?
Please list one reference below: