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Master of Education in Reading

Literacy is an extension of oral language, a gift from God that may be used for restorative purposes. It is for this reason and others that teaching someone to read and write is more than teaching a set of subskills. At Geneva College, we believe that it involves responding to the needs of the whole person through ongoing assessment and developmentally appropriate instruction. We believe that a teacher should build on students' strengths and use strategies that favor authentic contexts and tasks.

At Geneva College, Reading Specialist Candidates will have opportunities to apply their developing knowledge in the educational community in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler or Lawrence counties. Through two field experiences, each student will spend more than 100 hours working alongside professionals to better understand the role of a reading specialist in collaborating with other educators and serving the needs of students and their families. 

Features of the M.Ed. in Reading at Geneva College:

Master is Reading Degree at Geneva College


  • Connects principles of teaching with God-honoring truths
  • Christian perspectives modeled in class


  • Reviewed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Prepares the student for Reading Specialist Certification


  • Aligned with International Reading Association Standards
  • 100% pass rate on the Reading Specialist Praxis Exam
  • Full-time doctoral-level faculty who are knowledgeable and caring
  • Practical applications in field experience


  • Courses offered at work-friendly times
  • Students admitted in any term
  • Some courses available in hybrid and online formats
  • May complete in one year or take up to seven years


  • Provides strategies that you can apply immediately in your own class
  • Promotes a better understanding of literacy processes and difficulties
  • Respects your experience


  • Scholarships available

For more information:

Adel Aiken Ed.D.
Program Director 724-847-5002

Marina S. Frazier, Graduate Enrollment Manager, 724-847-6697

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