Geneva College


Parent Advisory Council - Laurie Key

The Key FamilyLaurie Key

Hometown: Beaver, PA

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Geneva Students

Katherine (Katie) Key, Sophomore
Writing major

Geneva Graduates

Stacey Key '13
Music major
The Genevans, Marching Band, Concert Band

Jonathan Key '11
Youth Ministries major
Marching Band and Concert Band

Stephen Key '12
Music major
The Genevans, Marching Band, Concert Band

Our Geneva Story

We first heard about Geneva College in a book about teaching high school students as a school that was receptive to home schooling. We found this to be so. They guided us through the application process and were ready and willing to answer questions. Jonathan felt at home here from the first tour and so have each of my subsequent children. I recommend Geneva because they stand for Christian values and integrate them into all levels of learning. I also recommend Geneva because the professors and staff seem to care about what is going on in my children′s lives.

My Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students

  • Don′t hover. They need to find their way as adults and this is a safe place to do that.
  • Trust them to God. They will have to figure out how to make Mom and Dad′s God their God. God is able to draw them in and teach them how to do that.