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Parent Advisory Council - Miriam Miller

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Hometown: Brockport, NY

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Geneva Students

Zachary Miller, Senior
Electrical Engineering major
Dodgeball, Engineering clubs, work study in the college dining hall

Our Geneva story

Zach wanted a Christian college that was located on the east coast and that taught engineering, and there were three. So we started setting up visits.

The first one was very large, about 500 miles from home and very affluent. He loved it. We visited on a "student day" with about 100+ kids. It was very busy and not a very personal visit.

The second one happened to be Geneva. It was very small compared to first one and 280 miles from home. The admissions counselor was the best AND the whole Admissions Office/parent connection was the best. We attended a Geneva visit in our area of Rochester, NY, where Becky Phillips and our admissions counselor, plus some parents of current Geneva students, were. It was great.

It was non-threatening and easy to talk to students, adumni, etc. Zach loved it! Then about two days later, our visit was scheduled, so we got a lot of Geneva in a short time! We arrived on a Sunday night and visited Geneva on Monday. We had a one-on-one visit and got a very personal campus tour, lunch, etc. since it was not really a scheduled visit day (like when 100 students visit). Students went out of their way to find a place for Zach to stay Sunday night, so he could see what the dorms and apartments were like and what student life was like.

That really sold him! He loved it. We loved everything about Geneva. Zach said, "That is where I want to go!" So we went home and did a whole lot of praying and asked God to just open the doors and shut others if that is where he wanted Zach. He loves it! We love it!

Our Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students

  • Visit the college and get to know everything about it. Make a connection with your college admissions person and parent connection person. They will make the transition so easy and comfortable.