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Parent Advisory Council - John and Martha Nevill

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Hometown: Hingham, Massachusetts

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Geneva Student

Leah Nevill, Freshman
Sports Management Major

Our Geneva Story

Leah is our third child to head off to college. We were introduced to Geneva when her older brother, Ryan, had no idea where to begin his college search. A friend in the "college business" helped us to plan a road trip from Boston through Pennsylvania to see different colleges that he recommended. (Geneva being our friend's "dream school".) After a lot of prayer, Leah felt that Geneva was where she was supposed to be. We expect Leah to transition well into college life. Although WE will miss her unconditional, tender heart and bouncy personality, SHE has been counting down the days until "move in day.

Our advice to parents of college-bound students

Let them go. I sobbed uncontrollably after dropping off our first at college while he had the nerve to smile and wave. Here we are, 7 years later, and we have all survived. Text. Let the student initiate the phone calling. You can text and they will know that you love them, or that they have a dental appointment in November, and you won't be interrupting their lives.

Pray. Pray for all of those who will come into contact with your child, as well as for your child. These are life shaping years. They need to know how to make good decisions, and be responsible for the bad ones. Pray WITH your child whenever they call, and pray over the campus when you are there.