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Parent Advisory Council - Jim and Karen Van Duzer

Jim and Karen Van DuzerJim and Karen Van Duzer

Hometown: Port Republic, MD

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Geneva Students

Kenny Van Duzer, Junior
General Music Major; Student Ministries Minor
Marching Band, New Song, Eight Bells, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Genevans

Our Geneva Story

Kenny is our third (and final!) child to head off to college. A college search is always a journey in faith, and Kenny had many questions as to how and when and if he would find the right college. We assured him that God would open Kenny′s eyes to the right college, and open the ‘eyes′ of the right college to Kenny.

And that′s exactly what happened on our first visit to Geneva.

Of the colleges I visited with my children (at least 12!), never have I experienced the kind of welcome and caring we received at Geneva. Every person we met seemed genuinely interested in how Kenny would fit in at Geneva, and how Geneva could help Kenny realize his God-given gifts and purpose.

As a student at Geneva, Kenny has continued to experience that support, encouragement and guidance; in academics, in extracurricular activities, in his faith walk, and in his relationships. We are thankful that Geneva is part of his journey!

My Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students

Trust and Pray. College is like that awkward chrysalis stage on the way to becoming a butterfly. Your child has started to change, and looks nothing like that cute little fuzzy caterpillar that ate you out of house and home. But your child also looks nothing like the butterfly that will emerge on the other end of this stage. God is faithful, and it is bound to be an exciting journey!