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Learning Anew

Will you use your Geneva College degree in all the ways you expect? Maybe not—and that is the story of Joanne (Raser ′85) Calderwood. 

Her Geneva degree was a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. After she and Tim ′85 graduated, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Joanne began teaching at a small Christian school in Nashville, and she also started studying the psychology of learning in relation to parenting.

Then came the children: Nicolas, Lauren, Taylor and Franklin. Soon “Nicky” was ready for school. But he had already been reading for two years and, in Joanne′s words, was “a little math machine.” What could he be taught in kindergarten that he did not already know? Thus began Tim and Joanne′s home-education adventure.

Fast-forward through the birth of four more children, and Joanne had her own classroom at home. In the midst of those crazy years, she discovered her children worked more quickly and efficiently when they worked independently. When the children worked for themselves, they were more motivated than when they toiled for a parent or teacher. 

But what about the results of this approach? Joanne encouraged Nicholas to take the ACT “for fun” as a high school freshman. He scored 35 out of a possible 36. He then achieved a perfect SAT score, and became a finalist in the prestigious Presidential Scholars competition. The next three Calderwood kids also scored extraordinarily well on their exams. The current status: four down, four more to go.

During the many-little-children-at-home days, Joanne developed a planning system for her children to use to track their progress. Today The Home School Student Planners and The Essential High School Planners are popular with home educators around the world. Joanne calls her methodology “The Self-Propelled Advantage,” and it will be the subject of a book due to be released later this year by Morgan James Publishing. 

For eight years, Joanne has also been offering her products and services online for home educating families at the delightfully named She also writes columns for Home School Enrichment magazine and travels as a speaker, teaching adults the secrets to instilling self-motivation, excellence and self-mastery in their children.

Joanne credits the education faculty at Geneva College with introducing her to learning theory and the joy of teaching. But her education reached a new dimension when she comprehended the joy of training up young adults to boldly step forward, use their unique gifts and set the course for their generation.

Who could have expected this?

You can reach Joanne at


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