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Homecoming 2012 Memories

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Homecoming and made it a delightful day. Enjoy some great photos and plan to join us next year.

A Very Thankful Alumnus

During this season of Thanksgiving, may you be encouraged by the words of Ron Eldridge ′88 of The Eldridge Group, Inc., Construction and Real Estate Consultants, Philadelphia:

Over the past 24 years, I have spent countless hours in strategy sessions, contract negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and, yes, the occasional lawsuit, with many graduates of some of the “name institutions” here on the East Coast. And one thing that I quickly came to appreciate was my Geneva College education.

The truth of the matter is that there are no textbook cases for much of what really happens in the business world, but a solid foundation in business principles allows one to adapt to whatever type of situation presents itself. Many times I have found myself in uncharted territory, but those challenges never caused me any undue consternation, for I was confident that I was prepared to deal with the issues at hand because of my Geneva education.

If I were to tell you what I think made a Geneva education so valuable in today′s ultracompetitive business environment, I would say that at Geneva I learned how to think, rather than just what to think. When presented with out-of-the-ordinary situations, I often reflect back to problem-solving skills honed in many of my business classes. (I should mention here that I am particularly indebted to Professor Dan Raver in this regard ... to a great extent, my career is built upon foundational concepts learned in his classes.) As our economy continues to evolve, many technical business administration and evaluation methods have become (or are becoming) archaic, but the fundamentals I was taught at Geneva in the 1980s are still applicable today.

In addition to what I consider a superlative business education, I should note that Geneva also provided well rounded cultural studies. Since many business relationships are built upon personal/social interactions, it is vital that one be able to converse intelligently about matters of interest to other parties ... whether that be history, philosophy, art, religion, etc. Although Humanities was far from my favorite subject at the time, I cannot begin to tell you how often those lessons have come in handy during dinner conversations with certain clients. If I would have known then what I know now, I would have put far more effort into those classes...

In closing, I think that the strongest endorsement I can give to a Geneva education is this: when the time comes for my sons to enroll in college, I want them to attend Geneva.

Geneva Tour - Turkey and Greece

Alumni are invited to join Geneva faculty and students in May-June 2013 on a nine-day tour of Turkey, with an optional four-day extension to Greece. See the clash of historic faiths in the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, a city which stands astride the line between Europe and Asia. Wander the modern streets and excavated ruins of the cities of the seven churches of the Book of Revelation, including Ephesus, Colossae and Philadelphia.

If you opt to add the four-day extension, you will see Patmos, where the Apostle John received his vision of the Revelation. Enjoy the ancient sites and beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean islands of Crete and Santorini. In Athens, you will see the Acropolis and stand where Paul stood as he addressed the Athenians in the Areopagus. We conclude with visits to Corinth and Bronze Age Mycenae. Click here for a complete itinerary.

The tour begins on May 24 and ends June 1, 2012. Those who elect the four-day extension to Greece will return June 5, 2012.

Details are available at

Insurance Discounts for Alumni

As alumni of Geneva College, you could be eligible to receive an exclusive discount on your auto and home insurance. Plus, with Liberty Mutual, you get service and support when and where you need it, and the latest tips and tools to help keep you and your family safe.

Because you are part of a group that has partnered with Liberty Mutual to offer you our auto and home insurance benefit program, you could save hundreds of dollars on our quality, comprehensive auto and home insurance. Here′s how:

  • You are eligible to receive exclusive group savings on our already competitive rates.
  • You have the option of selecting direct bill or EFT to pay your insurance premiums.
  • You could save even more on your home insurance when you insure both your car and home with us.
  • You could get additional discounts based on your driving experience, car and home safety features, and more.

In addition to auto and home insurance, Liberty Mutual offers life, motorcycle, condo, renters and personal liability insurance.

To learn more about this benefit or to get a free consultation, please call 800-835-0894 to be directed to a local Liberty Mutual office, or visit


Tom Stein '86, Director of Alumni Relations


Share your prayer requests


The Geneva College Alumni Council has started the new academic year with two new members: Crystal (Harris ′86) Arrington and Holly (Paine ′02) Magnuson. Learn more about the Alumni Council and its members here:




sq_nr_fball.jpgDr. Miller publishes Glimpses of Another Land
The history professor′s collection of essays receives national attention.

Geneva is now a College of Distinction
The school has been honored for distinctive educational excellence.

Medical missionary to speak at Geneva
General surgeon and Geneva alumnus Dr. Thompson will be on campus Wed., Nov. 14.


"The Bible always tells us to praise Him; this really means a lot to me." – Trisha Johnson, music major

Click here to read Trisha's full profile.

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