Welcome Class of 2017

On Wednesday, August 21, the Class of 2017 will walk on to Geneva′s campus. The 373 new students will be met by 40 excited Learning &Transition Leaders who are trained to welcome them to Geneva. Orientation week, now known as Welcome Week, takes place over five days. The office of Student Programs has been working for months to ensure that students have a great first week. Go ahead—click the link to see what new students are experiencing and follow the freshmen on twitter. /student-programs/first_year_experience

Think Back

What do you remember most about Orientation/Welcome Week? Maybe it was a midnight walk to the G; cleaning the GENEVA with a toothbrush; or perhaps a riverboat cruise in Pittsburgh. We all have things that made the first couple weeks at Geneva special. Here are some memories among the alumni who are faculty and staff here on campus. I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I do!

“My most lasting memory of my first week at Geneva (1990), aside from football camp with Coach Gene Sullivan, was the hike up the hill to repaint the rocks that actually made up the big G. It was awesome to get to know fellow freshmen while walking all the way down College Hill, across the Eastvale bridge and up the mountain. The specific detail that made the hike so memorable was the fact that I was asked by one of the student leaders to carry a special needs student up a particularly steep and slippery part of the trail. It forced to me out of my comfort zone (I did not know this person) and helped me realize just how blessed I was.”
- Matt Fuss '94, Business Department Faculty

“One of my most memorable moments during Orientation week was participating in the Pisgah Outdoor Adventure Course with my Freshman Learning & Transition group. On the course, we cautiously crossed the low ropes together, braved our fears during the carefully orchestrated backwards fall into the arms of our group, and stood in a circle and shouted out (or in some cases acted out) our preferred nicknames one by one. It was such a powerful bonding time because we were all forced to rely on and trust one another even though we had just met! It was a chance to be silly and set aside some of the new freshman-jitters that all of us had, while still creating a sense of focus and determination for all that God had in store for us at Geneva. The friendships that I formed in college still mean so much to me today.”
- Joy (Entwistle) Doyle '05, Director of Career Development

“I remember standing at the front of the Gateway Clipper talking to fellow history major Jonathan Edwards. The two of us had met at summer preview and were talking about mutual interests. Another young man named Matthias Fridgen approached us and joined the conversation. We cruised down the river talking for a while that night and forged a friendship that lasts to this day. In fact, we'll all be together in two weeks for our annual fantasy football draft. It's just one of many examples of how Geneva friendships last for many years.”
- Greg Jones '05, Faculty Member

So what was your first memorable moment? Please send me your stories so I can share them with the “future alumni” I encounter this month.
Let′s show the freshman what it means to be GTs,

Dan Williams

For Christ,

Dan Williams

Dan Williams ′07
Director of Alumni Relations


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Please join Geneva College for a round of golf and dinner at the beautiful Old Stonewall Golf Club, currently ranked in the Top 50 public courses in the U.S. by Golf Digest. Proceeds benefit students through the Geneva Fund, a key source of funding that impacts virtually every area of life at college, such as student activities, faculty enhancement, and scholarships. (Please follow this link for more information) http://www.geneva.edu/object/golf_outing

Homecoming 2013
What does the class of 2008, 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983, 1973 all have in common? It′s their reunion year! Make plans to come back, see professors and connect with friends you haven′t seen in years. There will also be affinity reunions for people who studied Youth Ministry, played baseball, served in student government, and had Coach By Morgan. Find out more homecoming info at http://www.geneva.edu/object/homecoming2013

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