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October 2011

Study abroad - The Semester in Rome experience

Olivia Kamicker

When the travel bug finds a potential globe trotter, it really latches on. Sophomore biology major Olivia Kamicker is a perfect example. Italy, England, Germany and Slovenia: all places that she plans to travel to this semester while taking part in Geneva College′s Semester in Rome program. 

Growing up on an old farm in Enon Valley, PA, Olivia may at first appear to be a small town girl, but she has always wanted to see the world. Since she was young, traveling has been part of her family. Her mother was a flight attendant and has always encouraged Olivia to try new things. “She wanted me to be practical about what I did during college. To get all my humanities course credits, I thought, ‘Why would I do it in Beaver Falls when I can do it in Rome?′”   

Olivia saw the advertisements for the Semester in Rome program and was automatically drawn to it because this unique study-abroad opportunity includes Geneva curriculum taught by Geneva faculty. The first step she took to make the semester a possibility was taking required prerequisite courses just in case. As a biology major, she was initially worried that taking a semester away from her normal class load of science labs and lectures would set her behind, but faculty members were willing to help make the Rome semester possible for her.

In Rome, not only will Olivia be studying the humanities course work, she will be visiting sites and locations that will help enhance her understanding of the material. A real hands-on approach to learning, this semester will be a great experience to add to her Geneva education.

Accepting the challenge to study abroad can be intimidating and scary to some, but to Olivia it′s an adventure waiting to be had. “I really am going to Rome!” As a commuter to Geneva′s main campus in Beaver Falls during her freshman year, this semester will be her first time away from home and—very far away from home at that. “I'm really excited for the community living aspect of the Rome campus. I can't wait for all the interaction.” Not only will she live and study with a group of students, they will also cook dinner for each other.

One of her biggest expectations for Italy is learning to cook like a true Italian. She hopes to take a cooking class while studying abroad and bring home some authentic dishes to serve to her family.

Olivia is glad to be at Geneva, a place of challenging academics and Christ-centered perspective. And also where she could have this wonderful opportunity: “I'm excited to make this my own experience.”

- Monica Miller ′12

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