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Farewell to Longtime Friends

One of Geneva College′s greatest assets is its esteemed faculty. Not only are professors here the brilliant minds nurturing students′ academics, but they also act as mentors and advisors to students in many areas of life. Professors advise campus clubs, programs and initiatives. And they often open doors for students to discuss life outside of class.

In addition, our professors are dedicated to integrating faith in all they teach. Each member of the faculty gives a statement of belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, and recognizes Christ′s kingship over all areas of life. Therefore, they realize the importance of preparing students for transforming society through their various callings both during and after college.

Because of their tireless effort, Geneva College honors three professors who will be retiring after many years of faithful service. 

Dr. CopelandDr. Copeland, a professor of music and director of The Genevans, has been part of Geneva′s faculty since 1981. Recent graduate Adam Shaffer ′11 recalls the far-reaching impact of Dr. Copeland, and his wife Louise: “Dr. Bob and Mrs. C. were like parents away from home to each and every member of The Genevans. Their guidance, from the spiritual to the mundane, was a massive blessing to me during my time away from home, and it helped to shape where my life is today.”

Dr. MoslenerDr. Moslener, professor of psychology, has served the college since 1991. "You could tell that he loves his job because of the way he blesses others through it," says graduate counseling student Lisa Myers. "In counseling, we are in the business of changing lives—and that is exactly what he did for me. He is an amazing professor, a fierce man of God and a
cherished friend."

Professor SchaeferProfessor Schaefer, a professor of physics, has been a faithful servant at Geneva College for 50 years, beginning in 1962. Graduating senior Ji Yun Bae says, “I first met Professor Schaefer when I took Physics Acoustics my freshman year. He was always so patient with us and you can just tell that he loves teaching.”

Dr. Robert Copeland, Dr. Ron Moslener and Professor John Schaefer have served this institution for over a combined 100 years. Each of them is deeply respected by students and colleagues alike, and will be greatly missed by the Geneva community. On behalf of the college and the many students on whom they′ve had an impact, we say, “Thank you for a job well done!”

–Micah Yarger ′12



April 2012

Kenywood Day

Kennywood Day 2012
The Geneva/Word-FM family day is
Friday, June 22.

Fireworks at Geneva

Fireworks at Geneva
The local community is invited to campus for fireworks on
Friday, April 27.


Life "G" Award
Dr. Roy Blackwood received the award during Founder′s Day.


"The professors and students have helped me renew my faith in Christ." Lambros Svingos, sport management major

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