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Lance Corporal Rowe Reception

At Geneva College, we are dedicated to excellence. On June 28, a ceremony was held to honor the excellence exhibited by those who, like Lance Corporal George Michaels Rowe, served on the front lines "Pro Christo et Patria"—for Christ and Country.

As a soldier during World War I, Lance Corporal Rowe had been awarded a WWI Good Conduct Medal, two Purple Hearts, and the WWI Victory Medal with three Battle Clasps—one for each battle in which he fought. All of these items have been graciously donated to Geneva College, courtesy of members of Rowe′s family.

The ceremony, held in the lower lobby of Northwood Hall, featured two speakers: Executive Vice President Larry Griffith and Provost Dr. Ken Carson. Beside the lectern, mounted on the wall in a glass case, was Lance Corporal Rowe′s surprisingly well preserved uniform jacket along with his collection of medals and pins.

"On June 28, 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated, which started World War I. World War I ended five years later, on June 28, 1919," Griffith stated in his speech. "And today, June 28, 2012, we′re gathered together to pay tribute to the memory of a World War I soldier, Lance Corporal George Michaels Rowe, and to all veterans."

Veterans who are Geneva employees and present at the event were recognized. This included Griffith; Custodian Calvin Henderson; Mail and Print Assistant Melvin Lortman; Chair of the Business Department Dr. Gordon Richards; Director of Human Resources Scott Sharik; and Library Director John Doncevic. Veterans Skip Haswell, the President and Founder of the Beaver County Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, and William Lloyd, the Adjutant for the Disabled American Veterans of Beaver County, were also present for the occasion. Geneva associate professor of business and Rowe′s grandniece, Denise Murphy-Gerber, attended along with Rowe′s daughter, Margaret "Peggy" Ann Rowe Ayers.

While the uniform behind Dr. Carson outwardly symbolized Lance Corporal Rowe′s bravery, Dr. Carson explained the details of Rowe′s character in action. Though he was shot in the stomach during a machinegun fight, Lance Corporal Rowe crawled down a hill to the medic shack, where a transport vehicle picked him up. The shack was blown up when the vehicle was just a hundred yards away, an example of God′s grace.

"Scripture says that 'Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one′s life for one′s friends,'" Dr. Carson said. "You were willing to do that—lay your life down for your friends and your countrymen," he addressed the veterans present, summing up the tone of the occasion. "And for that we say thank you."

Special notice was given to Bible professor Dr. Terry Thomas and Director of Purchasing Nancy Graham, both of whom were instrumental in the creation of the display.

Further photos and details of the display and the event can be found here.

~Adam Rowe ′14


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