Keeping a Promise

Pittsburgh has made a promise and Geneva College will be keeping it, too. Grant money available through the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program will be matched by Geneva for any students who choose to accept the challenge of a Christ-centered Geneva education beginning with the 2013-2014 school year through a Pittsburgh Promise Matching Grant.

The Pittsburgh PromiseThe Pittsburgh Promise initiative is designed to provide up to $40,000 in grants to Pittsburgh′s public school children, provided they meet the criteria. They must have an average GPA of 2.5 or higher, keep an attendance record of 90 percent attendance through high school, and be accepted into any accredited public or private post-secondary school located in Pennsylvania.

"I think that the grant is a huge blessing," exclaims Alisha Murray, current Pittsburgh Promise scholar at Geneva College. "It's great to know that I receive a grant just from being a student who attended a Pittsburgh Public School. Every dollar counts when it comes to paying for your education."

Geneva College has always accepted Pittsburgh Promise scholars, but is now providing its own grant money for those joining in the upcoming school year. The grant money from the Promise program alone can be up a total of up to $40,000 per student, an amount that is rolled out over the course of four years degree. Geneva′s Pittsburgh Promise Matching Grant will function in the same way, guaranteeing Promise scholars at least the amount of a matching grant in addition to any money received from the Promise.

Saleem Ghubril
Saleem Ghubril - Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Promise
"I am deeply grateful for Geneva College′s clear commitment to making higher education more accessible to our city′s kids," says Pittsburgh Promise Executive Director Saleem Ghubril. "Matching The Promise′s scholarship along with providing a solid education in a nurturing environment, make Geneva an even more attractive option for many urban youth. On their behalf, I offer my thanks."

Pittsburgh Promise grants have already changed the lives of many at Geneva, according to Michael Warren, another current student, who states that it "provided a new sense of hope. What a blessing it is for the people of the Promise to offer money to students for their education." Especially, he adds, because of "the large amounts" they are able to provide.

Through the Pittsburgh Promise Matching Grant, Geneva College endeavors to draw additional students from the local community, a move designed to ensure greater economic and social stability, as well as foster an intellectually stimulating and increasingly diverse campus.

~Adam Rowe, ′14

January 2013

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