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students-work.jpgIn recent years, more adults than ever before are juggling work schedules, picking up backpacks and returning to class. And Geneva College is ready with accessible, high quality Christ-centered degree completion and master′s degree programs to serve these older learners. In addition, Geneva is continually looking for ways to add value for this growing segment of our community, such as the recent addition of fully online degree completion programs for human resources and Christian ministry leadership.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the percentage increase in the number of students age 25 and older has been larger than the increase in the number of younger students—a figure that′s projected to rise 20 percent between now and 2020. In addition, the number of master′s degrees that were awarded increased 50 percent from 2000–2010, with over half them in education, business and health professions—all of which are offered at Geneva.

These adults often have concerns that may not apply to traditional college students. Many have full-time jobs with schedules that don′t fit a traditional academic calendar. Others have to navigate family obligations. Some are in a hurry to complete their degree because of unemployment. This is why a number of Geneva′s adult programs have start dates throughout the year, meet only one or two evenings a week or now even online, are offered at various off-campus locations, and may be completed in around two years.

No matter whether they′re completing a bachelor′s degree or pursuing a master′s, all of our adult students are learning professional skills that can be applied in the real world from accomplished professors with experience in the workplace. They are also developing a deeper knowledge of their subject areas, building a strong network of connections through classmates and improving their job search prospects.

Above all, as with all Geneva College programs, our adult students are experiencing academic excellence integrated with authentic Christian faith.

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Geneva also continues to offer traditional-age students undergraduate degrees in nearly 40 majors and programs. Named a College of Distinction, Geneva is nationally recognized for providing outstanding preparation that is highly valued by graduate schools and employers.

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