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December 2010

Marci Wagner: Preparation served her well

Marci Wagner

This life is full of the unexpected and the unknown and Geneva College graduate Marci Wagner ('08) is familiar with the question marks people face daily in today′s economy. For nearly 20 years, Marci worked as a Career Plan Advisor at Butler Career T.R.A.C.K. Each day she dealt with people who had their lives upset by unplanned events such as job loss. Seeing so many people struggle to regain their financial and personal footing, Marci wanted to take her own steps to prepare for life's surprises. What she didn't know was that her surprises were ones that would lead her to fulfilling opportunities.

As she helped people who were out of work, Marci became familiar with Geneva College's Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) and its convenient, affordable and academically strong programs. She saw the benefit not only for the unemployed, but also for working adults looking to complete their bachelor′s degree. As a matter of fact, she saw potential benefit for herself in earning a Geneva College degree through the ADCP.

For Marci, it was the human resources major that attracted her attention. She wanted to continue to help people, and recognized that a degree in human resources could equip her to do that in new, more challenging ways. And it would also provide a great measure of career confidence in an uncertain economy.

Marci entered the ADCP with determination and finished the program with honors. Following graduation, she entered the college's Master of Science in organizational leadership program (MSOL) and recently completed all requirements. "I felt that I have grown both personally and professionally," she says. "Even though the changes may not be evident on the outside, a definite transformation has taken place on the inside."

Part of the change evident in Marci is in the form of newly found courage. After preparing against the uncertainty of life for many years, she decided it was time to embrace the unknown and left her full-time position at Butler Career T.R.A.C.K. to begin a part-time job at Grove City College in the Business Office. And much to her delight, she was then promoted to the full-time position of Associate Director of Human Resources. 

In a time marked by economic uncertainty, Marci knew that furthering her education would provide a safety net in case she would lose her job. However, what she didn′t know was that leaving the comfort and security of a full-time job would allow God to lead her to a position that was not only secure, but personally fulfilling.

Marci says, "The only certainty about the future is that it is inevitable. What the future holds for us, only God knows. I not only eagerly await the continuation of this journey I've begun, but I'm anxious to see where God calls me to serve next, remembering that I can plan my way but it is He who will direct my steps."




Upcoming Classes

January 24 – Community Ministry, Pittsburgh, Pa.

February 1 – Human Resources, Monroeville, Pa.

February 8 – Human Services, Everett, Pa.

February 16 – Human Resources, Organizational Development & Community Ministry, Beaver Falls, Pa.

March 3 – Human Services, Johnstown, Pa.

March 7 – Human Services, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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