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Geneva's Adult Degree Programs put Kelly Melfi on the path to a fulfilling career

Careers come in many different shapes and sizes. The paths to these vast and varied jobs are as unique as the people following them. The Geneva College Adult Degree Programs human services major, which equips students with the education and experience to serve the needs of the people in their communities, leads graduates along many courses each year.

One human services student, Kelly Melfi, found herself on a unique path to a new career unexpectedly. During the last term of the 17-month program, Kelly began praying for a field experience site for her class. And God not only led her to an internship, but also a fulfilling career.

kelly_melfi.jpg"For a while, I didn't see any jobs available in my area," says Kelly. "One night, I took an alternative route home and in front of me was a Salvation Army Service Center! I never knew it was there, but afterward, I just kept driving this route. One day, a friend in my cohort who works at the Salvation Army Braddock center told me there was an assistant director position open at this center."

Within five months, Kelly moved from assistant director to director of the center. In this new position, she oversees programs to benefit children, the elderly, and those in need of money for rent and utilities. The center also offers a food pantry and fundraising for various social services. Her education at Geneva College has proven itself to be invaluable in understanding the governmental systems that are in place to help the people she serves. Kelly also attributes skills such as writing and reading comprehension to her Geneva College education.

Salvation Army director, social worker, pastor, business person, parent—the career of someone with a human services bachelor's degree is unique, but each person can be equipped to serve to the best of his or her ability with an education through the Adult Degree Programs.

No matter the path, Kelly's advice to Adult Degree Programs students is the same: "Trust God and trust the process. Your teachers are all incredible people who have worked in their field and extremely knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach. All of the staff is there to help and truly wants you to succeed!"

Do you need not only a bachelor's degree, but also a program with classes that fit your lifestyle? The Geneva College Adult Degree Programs has online and evening programs that can help. And you can complete your bachelor's degree in as little as 17 months! Choose from classes fully online, or evening classes in 11 locations around Western Pennsylvania. The Adult Degree Programs holds classroom evening programs for human resources, organizational development, human services and Christian ministry leadership. Entirely online degrees include organizational leadership, human resources and Christian ministry leadership majors! Call now for more information on how you can complete your college degree.


October 2013

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