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Robert Sekerak, B.S. in Organizational Development ‘10 and MSOL ‘12

Choosing a major can be a difficult decision. Considering the financial investment of a college degree, students are careful to pick a major that can best help them achieve a successful career and personal satisfaction. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College employee, Robert Sekerak, was faced with this dilemma in 2008 as he considered his academic future. He was working as an assistant in the Registrar's Office and also for a financial planner. Robert needed a degree that would help him advance at the college and hone his business skills.

"The organizational development major was a detailed yet broad enough business major that could help me in a number of business fields," Robert says.  "It did not limit me to just one or two potential jobs; it was a well-rounded degree that kept many opportunities open for me." The education he received as an organizational development major expanded his knowledge of the workplace, informed his interactions with others and strengthened his relationship with God.

The program offers many beneficial aspects for adult students looking to complete a bachelor's degree.  According to Robert, the classroom delivery of books, evening classes and attentive faculty all helped him be successful in the Adult Degree Programs. But he also explains that the cohort-style classroom helped him to build professional relationships with his classmates that were supportive throughout the 17 months.

Since completion of his organizational development degree in 2010, Robert went on to the Geneva College Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program and graduated in 2012. Afterward, he was promoted from his assistant position in the Registrar's Office at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Richland Center to become the Director of the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Ebensburg Center. "As the director, I oversee the entire site, employees and students. This would not have been a reality if it were not for Geneva," he admits.

The versatility of the Geneva degree through Adult Degree Programs helped Robert to a successful career where he had various opportunities. Choosing a major that piques your interest and trusting that God will lead you to your best future is the first step to reaching your individual goals. Robert suggests that you not hesitate in taking that step. "Do it now. Do not wait. You′ll not regret going into this program. The faculty and staff at Geneva are top notch and make sure that they help each student meet their goals."

Online and classroom options meet student needs

Do you need a bachelor's degree but can't find an adult program that offers classes that fit into your schedule? The Geneva College Adult Degree Programs has online and evening programs that can help and you can complete your bachelor's degree in as little as 17 months! Choose from adult classes online or evening classes in 11 locations around Western Pennsylvania. The Adult Degree Programs hold on-location evening programs for human resources, organizational development, human services and Christian ministry leadership. Entirely online degrees include organizational leadership, human resources and Christian ministry leadership majors! Call now for more information on how you can complete your college degree.


February 2014

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