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December 2010

Tyler Schoenberger
Tyler Schoenberger

For this academic year, the Chapel Leadership Team chose the theme: "You Gotta Serve Somebody." The theme selection was influenced by the book Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller. Chapel coordinator, Dr. Dean Smith, says, "Our hope is that various speakers will help us identify our idols so that we can confess them and have Jesus replace them."

A variety of individuals have spoken on a number of topics related to that theme. This included testimonies about local ministries such as Aliquippa Impact and visits from King David, to the challenges of dealing with high anxiety. Students, faculty and staff alike have been challenged to grow spiritually.

In September, Saleem Ghubril, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Promise and recipient of a Geneva College honorary degree in public service, shared with students about how "following Jesus will get you into trouble." His message challenged students to step out of their comfort zones and risk getting into "trouble."

During the final Chapel service of the year, junior Tyler Schoenberger shared how Saleem Ghubril′s message had a profound impact on him. "As Christians, we are becoming guilty of reading the parts of the Bible that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. We forget that God gave us the Bible to read in its entirety. Every verse is of upmost importance, even the verses that make us feel a little uncomfortable."

Tyler continues, "Luke 4 describes Jesus being rejected by His own people. Jesus was rejected for speaking the truth. As Christians, we are called to be like Christ. Therefore, we too may be rejected for speaking the truth. My appeal to you is to never forsake the truth in order to save your own status or gain the approval of others. Often we forsake the truth in order to avoid offending others. I have come to realize that these things really do not matter. Nothing is more important than following Jesus and, in the words of Saleem Ghubril, this may get you into trouble."

Tyler said that God is not calling us to be lukewarm believers, forsaking the parts of His word with which we are uncomfortable. Instead, he said, "God is calling us to take a stand for His kingdom, to follow Him no matter the cost, and that begins by accepting nothing less than truth."

Tyler imparted a timely reminder as we prepare for Christmas. "Jesus, the truth himself, came in the form of a baby lying in a manger. The noise that welcomed the truth to the world was not the sounds of trumpets blaring or the booming voice of God. It was the sound of a baby crying. The ultimate picture of truth on earth was also the ultimate picture of love."

Chapel at Geneva provides a wonderful opportunity for all of campus to join together to praise the Lord, pray as a community and focus on the word of God. Over and over again, we hear how messages at chapel impact students to change their habits, gain an eternal perspective and come to a deeper faith in the Lord. It is a blessing to hear students like Tyler who are being challenged to live out their faith.

As the Geneva community focuses on the birth of Christ this month, we think about how our church partners are celebrating Christ′s birth and spreading the good news in their neighborhoods. May God bless you and your ministry this Christmas season!

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Collin Savidge, student ministry grad
"The education [at Geneva] has not only challenged my faith but has also shed a light onto how I can live a life pleasing to God while pursuing a career."

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