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A Message from Mark R. Brown ′74

Pastor, Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Over 40 years ago, I chose Geneva for my college education. Today I continue to recommend Geneva to the young people in my congregation. As I share my story, I hope it encourages you to give a good look at Geneva for your family and congregation.

I grew up in the turbulent '60s, went to a secular high school and was converted through the ministry of Billy Graham. Sensing a call to the ministry, I checked out a number of well-known Christian colleges. Geneva appealed to me primarily for its Christian philosophy of education and its Reformed heritage.

The continuity of consistent Bible teaching is a great blessing that Geneva maintains. While at Geneva, I majored in Bible and studied under beloved professor Dr. J.G. Vos. He gave me personal time and attention in his office. I still cherish books from him in my library and the memory of his godly life. Dr. Jack White, then a dean and now President Emeritus, encouraged me in my call to the ministry. It is a delight to see Dean Smith, my college pastor, now the chairman of the Bible department. A friend and classmate, Byron Curtis, now teaches in the Bible department.

GB-mark.jpgAfter graduating, I went to Westminster Seminary and ended up as an Orthodox Presbyterian pastor. I have served along with my college roommate, Bob Eckard, in the same presbytery for many years. We do not have our own college so it is a delight for me to support our sister denomination, the Reformed Presbyterian Church and her college Geneva! While many Christian colleges have lost their way and amended their evangelical theology, Geneva has stayed true to orthodox, biblical Christianity.

Four years ago my son, Luke, began attending Geneva. Like my parents did with me, I wisely let him choose from several options. My delight at his selection has been confirmed by his four-year experience. I believe Geneva has grown in both the quality and consistency of the Christian education they provide since my time there.

Our congregation, Westminster OPC of Hollidaysburg, PA, supports Geneva in four ways. First, we pray for the Lord God to bless Geneva with godly faculty and serious Christian students. Second, we encourage our young people to consider Geneva as one of their options for higher education. Third, we participate in the church matching grant program through our Deacons′ Scholarship Fund. This is a wonderful way to expand your benevolence giving by helping both your student and Geneva at the same time. Finally, we support the Geneva Fund from our missions budget with budgeted yearly gifts, designated gifts and special offerings.

When I dropped Luke off for the start of his freshman year, the years melted away and I, too, was a freshman again back in Memorial Hall! Many of you know that feeling. While older in body, we are still young in spirit. What a joy it is to watch Geneva continue to educate the oncoming generations in the Christian faith and life as we all prepare for eternity.

I hope you will join me in supporting Geneva and encouraging your young people to consider this fine Christian college.spacer.jpg

March 2012


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Worth the Price: The True Value of a Christian College Education

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March 2012

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