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November 2011

MSOL graduate invited to the White House - Kathleen Coder, Cohort 39

Kathleen CoderGraduates of Geneva′s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program go on to become leaders in many influential areas. Developing leadership skills and discovering one′s strengths are two important components of the MSOL curriculum. Serving as council president of the Borough of Bellevue, PA, Kathleen Coder (Cohort 39) puts these skills into practice.

Coder has played a key role in bringing together development plans in Bellevue. She was recently invited to participate in a forum which took place at the nation′s capital. Coder explained, "… it shows we've been doing some good things in Bellevue. We've made a lot of progress-a lot of people know about [Bellevue] regionally. I think we could capitalize more on that as a community."

Coder was part of the "Forum on First Suburbs, Sustainability and Economic Growth," which took place at the White House on June 18, 2011. The forum was led by Building ONE America, an advocacy group that supports efforts to create economic growth in small towns. This forum′s focus was on the "inner ring," older suburbs that surround cities. Coder, who has served on the Bellevue council for three years and has been president of the group for much of that time, said being chosen to be part of the forum was humbling.

"The goal was to bring together leaders who have some vision," Coder said. "I was very excited to represent Bellevue. My background in leadership and the progress being made in Bellevue helped." Students in the MSOL program quickly learn that it is the vision of the leader that lays the groundwork for the success of the organization. At the forum in Washington, Coder was able to share her vision for Bellevue and initiatives she hopes will promote economic growth in her community. She and other community leaders received valuable insights and guidance from national experts regarding social and fiscal pressures faced by older suburbs as well as issues of racial, social and political inclusion.

Coder is self-employed and provides leadership training and development for companies, nonprofits and schools. She credits the MSOL program with helping her further develop the skills necessary for success in both her consulting business and her service to the Bellevue community. The MSOL department is confident in Coder′s continued success, and we wish her the best in all future endeavors.

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