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Geneva College and the City of Pittsburgh have recently partnered to help adults continue their college educations. The partnership allows Pittsburgh employees and their immediate family members to receive a 15% tuition discount upon enrolling in the Master of Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program, other graduate programs located in Beaver Falls, and the Adult Degree Programs.

MSOL Recruitment Manager Linda Roundtree worked with Katy Rittle, Manager of Training and Development for the City of Pittsburgh. “The City of Pittsburgh contacted me to see if Geneva College would be interested in the partnership,” said Roundtree. “It's not very often that an organization initiates the partnership.”

With over 3,400 employees, city leaders felt that this partnership could mutually benefit both organizations. “They especially liked that Geneva offered business-related programs designed for adult students, with a downtown Pittsburgh location,” said Roundtree.

City representatives also believe that classes provided at an affordable rate, geared towards adults and at a convenient location, will encourage employees to continue their educations.

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to partner with the City of Pittsburgh,” said Roundtree. “This partnership strengthens the presence of Geneva College graduate and adult degree programs within the City of Pittsburgh and provides the opportunity for more adult students to benefit from a Geneva College education.”

Students enrolled in the MSOL program come from a variety of organizations. Some of the fields represented by current MSOL students include law enforcement, human services, human resources, the oil and gas industry, financial services, home improvement businesses, telecommunications, customer service, and more. Two physicians are currently enrolled in the program. This supports the recognition of the importance of effective leadership and competent leaders are in great demand.

The MSOL program provides a curriculum that produces leaders who:

  • Think critically and strategically
  • Make sound and ethical decisions
  • Develop useful change processes
  • Recognize the impact of culture on their organizations
  • Understand budget and financial data
  • Communicate effectively
  • Motivate others and themselves
  • Resolve conflict effectively
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Serve others

The MSOL program is grateful to have an opportunity to serve the City of Pittsburgh and look forward to working with employees who take advantage of the special partnership!

For more information on this partnership and the tuition discount, contact Linda Roundtree at 724-847-6856.


A Word from Dr. Dittmar

It is always a pleasure for me to talk with our MSOL graduates. With so many graduates living within the Pittsburgh area, it is not uncommon for me to run into them in a variety of places. I take advantage of such meetings and ask about what′s happened to them since graduating from the MSOL program. It′s a delight to hear about changes in their work situations, whether in new organizations or a promotion within their current company, opportunities they′ve had to teach in local colleges, or taking the next step with their formal education by enrolling in doctoral programs. And I always ask, “Do you receive emails, newsletters, etc. from us?” If the answer is no, I make sure to get their email addresses and any other helpful contact information.

The comments I receive time and time again are, “What can I do to help you and the MSOL program?” and, “If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.” It is so gratifying to know that we have such loyal alumni committed to the vision and mission of the MSOL program.

So please get in touch with us from time to time. Yes, we do need your help in recruiting and getting the word out to those who may be interested in the MSOL program. Tell us about what′s happening in your life. We love to hear from our alumni.

A couple of other items:

Our Blog Talk Radio program has now been listened to by over 9,000 people. That is amazing. I encourage you to visit the website and download an interview from the archives: Well-known leadership speaker, author and friend of MSOL, Ken Blanchard, is scheduled for a future Blog Talk Radio interview.

Thursday, April 10, 2014—please put this date on your calendar. It′s the date of our annual Geneva College MSOL/Serving Leader Conference. Dr. Henry Cloud, noted leadership author, consultant, and clinical psychologist, is our keynote speaker. You can find the conference website at By the way, we are looking for corporate/organizational sponsors. If you think yours may be interested, please let us know.

Finally, our “MSOL Birthday” appeal raised over $3,450. Pretty good for our first such effort. You can contribute to the MSOL alumni fund anytime, whether it′s your birthday or not.

Take care and thanks for your support.

Jim Dittmar, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Leadership Studies
Geneva College

February 2014

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