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December 2009

President Smith with two of his daughters.
President Ken Smith with daughters Bonnie, sophomore writing major (left), and Fiona, freshman philosophy major (right).

A message from President (and parent) Kenneth A. Smith

Christmas break is an exciting time for students and families. For some of you, this may be the first time your son or daughter has been away from home for an extended period of time. But no matter how many times your child leaves for college, it feels great to welcome them home for the holidays.

The four of my six children who have reached college age are very different from one another. They have different interests, different personalities, different learning styles, and different dreams. And yet all of them chose to pursue those dreams at Geneva College.

Ian, our oldest, never liked school and had to be persuaded to go to college, but he had a great experience at Geneva and graduated with a business degree in 2009. Abaigeal explored several schools with four-year nursing programs, but in the end she decided that Geneva was the best fit for her. My daughter, Bonnie, changed her major before she even started classes and is now thriving in her writing major. Fiona, our freshman, was thinking grad school before she walked in the door and is now studying philosophy in preparation for law school. So I have had the joy of seeing my older children, each in different ways, mature and grow through their experiences at Geneva.

By definition, Geneva College is home to a diverse student body. Each of our students is an individual, with unique gifts, interests, and life experiences. Because we believe evangelism is part of our mission as a college, we also accept students from a variety of faith backgrounds. As a result, our students interact with both Christians and non-Christians here on campus, and we encourage them to imitate the love of Christ in every situation. And by God′s grace, we have had the joy of seeing many students come to faith during their years at Geneva.

As your family spends time together during the Christmas holiday, it is very likely your student will be sharing the unique joys - and challenges - of life here at Geneva College. He or she may be excited about learning new concepts in the classroom, building new friendships, or taking new steps in faith. At the same time, your child could be adjusting to a college-level workload, struggling to choose a major, or working through problems with a friend or roommate. Through it all, it is my hope and my prayer that your student is experiencing great personal and spiritual growth here at Geneva College.

Merry Christmas, and may God bless your family richly and rejuvenate your student for the coming semester.

In His grace,

Ken Smith

Click here to open your interactive Christmas card from Geneva.

Click here to open your interactive Christmas card.

From student Ed Lum

"I was pretty good at math and physics, but I ... was unsure about my future ... Now coming to the Lord, I have faith about my future. It′s in His hands, not mine ... It is through Geneva the Lord did his work on my life."
Ed Lum, physics major

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Allen receives Men of Excellence AwardAllen receives Men of Excellence Award

Todd Allen was among 50 men honored by The New Pittsburgh Courier for professional excellence and devotion to the community.

Congratulations, January grads!Congratulations, January grads!

A commencement reception was held on Saturday, December 5, to honor the first graduates of 2009-10.

Rawding joins 1000 point clubRawding joins 1000 point club

Renee Rawding becomes only the 12th female player at Geneva to reach this goal.

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